Why are Taylor Swift tickets so expensive and are they worth it?

Why are Taylor Swift tickets so expensive and are they worth it?

he fans were surprised why are taylor swift tickets so expensive and whether or not they should. Here’s a breakdown of why The Eras Tour Tickets can be very expensive and if fans still have to buy tickets.

Why are Taylor Swift tickets so expensive and so expensive?

Taylor Swift tickets are expensive because she is said to be the most famous touring artist in the world. As the demand increased, so did the ticket price.

However, Taylor Swift’s popularity is not the only reason for the high price of her The Eras Tour. With the face value of tickets that should cap out at $500, some fans are surprised when they go to buy tickets and see four-figure prices.

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Unfortunately, ticket prices are often at the mercy of resellers, who quickly scalp tickets as they go on sale and then slap a hefty fee to sell them. While some ticketing companies are supposedly working to stop scalping, it still plagues the live music scene.

In addition, ticketing companies like Ticketmaster have many additional fees that quickly stack up.

Are Taylor Swift tickets worth the high price?

Taylor Swift tickets may be worth the high price for eager fans waiting to see her live in concert.

However, if the ticket price seems extortionate and is clearly being resold, potential buyers should be wary of overspending. What’s more, buying tickets without the guarantee of a refund / replacement should cancel or postpone a show.

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With so many diehard fans wanting to see Taylor Swift perform live, there are plenty of opportunities for scalpers and greedy ticket companies to make an absurd amount of money. Therefore, it is important to remain vigilant.

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