Why are there so many Teslas?


Tesla Model Y is the electric car best-seller in Spain in 2023, but also presents similar results in Europe. she Model 3 This is another car Elon Musk which is very popular among drivers who choose electric motors and it is true that more and more Tesla cars can be seen roaming the streets. What is the reason for this growing success?

Tesla is not always a well-known or widely sold brand in Spain, but it is recognized as a pioneer in the production and sale of electric vehicles. Elon Musk is not the creator of the electric car, but it launched a brand that sold only, since 2003, cars with this type of engine.

The first key to the success of this North American brand is to set a standard and achieve it recognized brand of electric cars. Finally, the logic behind this movement is similar to that seen by Apple: many people buy these cars “because they are Tesla”, a name associated with high efficiency and excellent autonomy figures in battery.

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Teslas technological equipment

On the other hand, Tesla’s advanced technological equipment This is one of its unique attractions. From the possibility of the autopilot, a device that, at the moment, is not available in Spain, but is very common in the United States; in various automotive applications.

For example, the large screen that dominates Teslas dashboard allows you to control the entire car (yes, including the gears), the sound of the horn can be changed, There are different air conditioning modes like camping and you can even project a bonfire on the screen.

Many of these features are not particularly useful or useful while driving, but they certainly help the driver and passengers understand greater sense of comfort and quality, something that attracts many drivers. However, we cannot fail to consider the electronic failures that these vehicles suffer and tend to make headlines. Finally, electronic faults in modern vehicles are often expensive to repair and very difficult to resolve in some cases.

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How much money does the cheapest Tesla cost?

Finally, the third reason for the very high popularity experienced by Tesla models in Spain is that their price has fallen, so in addition to being cheaper, they can be ordered with the help of the Moves Plan.

Of the Tesla cars that are now part of the catalog, there are two that have already fallen in price with the help of electromobility. The Tesla Model Y is sold in its most basic version for 46,490 euros with VAT included (38,421 euros without VAT). The next version, Great Autonomy, costs 53,400 euros with VAT (44,132 euros without) and the Performance, 59,990 euros.

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The price limit of vehicles that can qualify for these incentivess is 45,000 euros without tax or 54,450 euros with VAT includedso the first two versions with 455 and 533 kilometers of autonomy respectively, are included inside the Moves without extras like tow ball or paint colors like red, blue or silver.

The maximum assistance that can be received, when scrapping another car, is 7,000 euros, so The Tesla Model Y Great Autonomy will cost about 37,132 euros to which taxes must be added. This cost is cheaper than other high-end electric cars with high ranges of autonomy, so it is not surprising that the Spanish decide to choose to buy Teslas over other similar models.