Why can’t the promotion playoff be played? This is known

 Why can't the promotion playoff be played?  This is known

Finally, the two places in the promotion of the BetPlay Tournament decided to compete in the first division in 2024. Both Fortaleza and Patriotas are left in those two places and will have the privilege of being in the BetPlay League.

However, if the grand final of the BetPlay Tournament is won by the Bogotá team, the promotion playoff will automatically be played between the loser of the aforementioned match and the best reclassification team. Game that won’t happen until the end of 2023.


Why not hold the promotion playoffs?

There are two reasons why this game should not be played.

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1. Fortaleza was promoted to the BetPlay League for being the champion in the second semester and in addition to coming as the best in the reclassification. Practically, the Bogotá team with these two things already has the presence of the first division guaranteed, thus occupying the first place.

2. The Patriotas, who were the champions of the first semester, already secured their place in the grand final of the Tournament, and after playing against Fortaleza and winning it, it automatically ensured that it will return to the top category after a year of loss

The only option that can be played in the playoffs is if the Patriotas lose in the annual final, and in that case their opponent will be Llaneros, because the Villavicencio team occupies the second position in the reclassification of the BetPlay Tournament.

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Because of this, the big loser is Llaneros, who will not be able to play in that game, and therefore, they will be in the second division of Colombian Professional Soccer for a year.