Why can’t you open the app and see an “error” message?

 Why can't you open the app and see an

The six-year term of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has been marked by the appearance of the welfare pension, a social program established in different strata of the Mexican population and provided through the Welfare Secretariat and the Welfare Bank.

This financial aid also has an application for beneficiaries, but errors have been encountered in its operation, so the agency shared what you should do if these appear when you try to access it.

How to solve the error in the Banco del Bienstar application

Ariadna Montiel, head of the Welfare Secretariat, reiterated the importance for users to carry out their activities with the support of the official app, but errors were presented when trying to enter it, so even on the gob.mx/welfare page, there were beneficiaries. Urged to understand how to fix the failure.

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When you try to sign in and the legend appears: ‘An error occurred while validating your data. Please try again later’, this will be due to the high demand presented by the service, so you only need to exit it and then enter again after a few minutes have passed, which usually resolves the error.

Increase in balance in Wellbeing Card

For 2024, a 25 percent increase in the amount allocated to welfare pensions was approved, along with other programs such as the well-being of women, young people building the future, the Benito Juárez Scholarship or those for people with disabilities.


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