Why Chinese asparagus is winning the Spanish market

Chinese asparagus wins in Spain

Loss Dong Lige asparagusa well-known producer from the northern Chinese province of Shanxi, has found a favorable market in Spain, where the vegetables arrive via the China-Europe freight train service.

Dong hails from Yuncheng City, which is located in the middle of the Yellow River and has favorable natural conditions for growing asparagus, a popular vegetable in European and American markets.

Asparagus: new species and advanced technology

The agricultural company has been dedicated to planting, acquiring and selling asparagus since the nineties of the last century.

According to the farmer, he asparagus produced in the Yellow River Basin They started reaching the European market two decades ago. However, due to the limitations of cultivation technologies and reduced prices, his company’s exports stopped.

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In recent years, large local producers, including Dong, have been able to update the asparagus industry. cultivation of new species and introduction of advanced technologies. Moreover, their efforts have turned the local asparagus industry into a wealth-making machine.

In 2020, Jietong Special Vegetable Cooperative was established in Peizhuang Town, Wanrong District, Yuncheng City, with the aim of increasing the production level of asparagus.

In the last three years, the plantation area increased from one thousand mu (Chinese unit), equivalent to 67 hectares, to 5 thousand mu (335 hectares), while the export volume of this Vegetables have registered considerable growth.

From June to October this year, a total of 1,790 tons of locally produced canned asparagus were exported to Spain.

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Improving services: the secret?

Félix Celorrio, a Spanish businessman who has lived in China for a long time, assures that the asparagus from the Yellow River may be well recognized and appreciated by Spanish consumers.

According to Xu Weidong, head of Yuncheng municipal customs, his entity is trying to promote exports of premium products by improving services.

According to statistics from the Prospective Industries Research Institute, China is one of the leading producers of asparagus in the world, with 8 million 613 thousand tons cultivated in 2020.