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Why Christmas Makes You Sad, Even If You Like It: A Psychologist’s Six Tips for Getting Over It

Christmas is usually a time marked by family dinners and gatherings with friends. mariah carey returns with your famous all I Want For Christmas Is You, The streets are adorned with lights and who wouldn’t enjoy the guilty pleasure of a nice dessert. It is the time that is supposed to represent happiness, for everyone, but the truth is that there are people who put themselves at the opposite pole of this feeling, even to experience apathy and strong sadness,

This may, at first, seem somewhat strange, but science is no stranger to this problem. In fact, a term has been coined to define it: white depression or blues of christmasWhich tends to include the sad or moody state of mind that develops around this time.

Psychology has long been studying the mood at Christmas. For example, a few decades ago there was a theory that symptoms of serious psychological and psychiatric disorders worsened at this time of year. However, after all, similar research published in 2011 by the journal Innovations in Clinical Neuroscienceshowed that it has no effect on them, but it does about mood disordersie anxiety and depression.

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“If we reduce the Christmas holiday to its essential dimensions, we find ourselves in a period of time in which people of traditional/religious origin consume more and meet other people. It is the last question that one raises questions increased perception of loneliness“, describes José Ángel Medina, professor of social psychology at the Complutense University of Madrid, on the exclusive portal infocop,

drama of loneliness

Loneliness is thus considered as one of the biggest slabs that many of those affected by white depression endorse. As psychologists comment, it is encouraged during these holidays that everyone has company dinners, family meals, parties with friends and when no one sees the compliments they receive “stereotypes“, eases his sense of loneliness.

according to him State Observatory of Unwanted Lonelinessmore than two million people over the age of 65 They live alone in Spain, a figure expected to exceed six million in the next decade. This is a serious public health problem, as recent studies have argued that being lonely and feeling unhappy are factors that accelerate aging more than smoking.

Loneliness, however, is not inherent in old age. This is something that can affect anyone at any point in their life. What’s more, an English investigation, involving 2,400 participants, came to the conclusion youth between the ages of 18 and 25 They are just as likely to feel lonely as older people.

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The exposure to social networks weighs heavily on this group and again, to what Medina was referring to, considering everyone is enjoying these dates with their loved ones, except themselves. In this sense, it is worth citing the work of professionals from Temple University (Pennsylvania, USA) and thatworth the relationship between a high exposure to social media and the development of social anxiety and feelings of loneliness.

Furthermore, with epidemiology, problems such as Couple that haven’t been elaborated well, Whatever happened to the Covid-19 that led to the deaths under very extraordinary circumstances, what could be the latest update on their relatives and close friends The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5-TR) refers to chronic grief disorder.

Christmas, with its stereotyping, will only make this type of distortion worse, to which ‘old’ acquaintances are added, such as empty chair syndrome, However, there are tricks to improve our mood and heal some of the confusion it brought when one was younger.

Quoting the famous phase of Humorist Erma Bombeck, “There is nothing in this world sadder than waking up on a Christmas morning.” a) yes, Nilufar Ahmed, professor of psychology at the University of Bristol, has proposed this six tricks To soothe white depression:

connect with others

If you can’t trust a friend or family member because of life events, there are many options for meeting people. For a psychologist, the easiest thing to do is to engage in some sort of activity that allows you to make connections with people who have the same interests as you, whether it’s running, cooking classes, or learning a new language. Are you going “be a part of a group with whom you share a purpose And a recognition can lift your spirits,” he explains.


Volunteering is also a great way to connect with a group. “Volunteer can reduce loneliness and increase sense of belongingexplains Ahmed. Plus, doing something for others can help you feel better about yourself.

redirect your thoughts

Feeling lonely is not the same as being alone. To the psychologist, often this feeling comes from a negative thought loop, ,Taking a moment to appreciate the good things around us breaks this cycle,” advises the expert.

make the most of free time

Another reason that supports the feeling of restlessness at Christmas is that there are people who do not know how to take advantage of their free time, outside of work. To do this, Ahmed proposes a simple activity within everyone’s reach: “get caught up in a good book“. As described, reading has the ability to improve mood.


The benefits of physical activity on mood are well known. Plus, it’s not necessary to spend hours and hours at the gym, activities like walking already help your body generate endorphins and serotonin. According to a study published in the journal american journal of psychiatryWho? exercise 1 hour a week Enough to say goodbye to depression.

enjoy the ‘rite’

According to Ahmed, not having someone available to do certain Christmas things is no excuse not to do them. You can enjoy a nice lunch or dinner or go watch the lights of your city. again, the conventions of these dates or Post Those seen on social networks prevent people from fulfilling their desires. “Remind yourself that You can decide what Christmas means to you And how do you want to spend it and it is a gift”, concluded the expert.

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