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Why do hands sweat and what measures should be taken to avoid it?

Permanently sweaty hands are somewhat bothersome to those who suffer from them. Because shaking hands is a tradition in human communication and once again after the end of the pandemic it is a habit.

But what can be done to avoid shaking hands with the interlocutor or the interlocutor wet? I mean, how to get rid of sweaty hands, or at least reduce it?

Causes: Psychological factors and physical disorders

It is necessary to know that “there are about 400 sweat glands per square centimeter on the hands, which is quite a lot”, as confirmed by the German dermatologist Marion Morse-Karpi.

Since the skin of the palms has neither hair nor sebaceous glands, perspiration is neither distributed nor slowed down. Result: hands get moist quickly.

And where does this excessive sweating come from? “The reasons for this are often to be found, for example, in the psycho-vegetative field,” says the German dermatologist Jan-Olaf Piontek. In other words: triggers can be fear, stress or anger.

At the same time, there are diseases in which sweating increases on the hands or feet. These include high blood pressure, thyroid disease, diabetes or autoimmune conditions.

“In 65 percent of cases, hyperhidrosis, that is, increased sweating of the hands, feet or armpits, is genetically conditioned,” says Marion Morse-Carpi.

Avoiding Handshakes or Recognizing Hyperhidrosis?

As specified by the dermatologist, the way those affected handle themselves in daily life or at work is the product of an individual decision.

One solution could be to justify not shaking hands with the potential risk of infection even in post-pandemic times.

“You can even do it the Asian way,” suggests Morse-Carpi. That is, shaking hands in front of the person greeting or saying goodbye, bowing the head down and framing in a friendly manner: “Please understand, I do not shake hands because of the potential risk of infection.”

There are also possible alternatives, such as greeting or saying goodbye with an elbow or fist bump in the time of the coronavirus.

But another way is to be frank, even if it costs, uttering phrases like: “Well, I’m sweating a lot right now, so I prefer not to shake hands.”

Solutions for Influencers

  1. wash hands carefully

If there is no option but to shake hands, it may be helpful to wash or sanitize your hands before contact and dry them by covering them with a cotton cloth or (paper) tissue.

  1. Sage tea

Sprinkling sage tea on the palms proved to be a good remedy for sweaty hands. “This method is somewhat complicated,” admits Morse-Carpi.

A sage tea is made, allowed to cool and placed in small ampoules with a spray bottle. The hands are sprayed with this liquid several times a day. The essential oils of sage inhibit the work of the sweat glands.

  1. Iontophoresis

In many cases it may help to subject the hands to direct current treatment.

“It sounds dangerous, but under medical supervision it is absolutely harmless and often effective against hand sweating,” says Piontek. Specifically, the process is called iontophoresis.

“The palms are moistened in a water bath or with a damp sponge,” explains the dermatologist. With the help of a small device it is passed through water with high-frequency or pulsed direct current.

“The important thing is to maintain the treatment, ideally for ten minutes a day,” advises Piontek. Often doctors can also provide patients with a device to use at home.

  1. Botulinum toxin therapy

There is also an alternative to botulinum toxin therapy. In this case, the doctor injects under the skin, very diluted, Botox neurotoxin.

“Arm injections are somewhat painful,” admits Morse-Carpi. But treatment with anesthesia is possible. However, it should be mentioned that this therapy does not indicate long-term success. “It is necessary to repeat the treatment after six months,” he warned.

  1. Stress reduction

Sweaty hands often have emotional causes, including stress or anger; relaxation exercises can also be helpful in solving the problem.

“Yoga can help, but so can breathing exercises,” says Piontek. Thus, not only are the nerves calmed, but the sweat glands are also calmed.

  1. Medicines

There are also medicines, in the form of tablets, that those affected can take to stop the production of excessive sweat. But, in Morse-Carpi’s opinion, these measures are not the best therapy, “because the effectiveness is not that high.”

In some cases, sweating on the hands can be stopped in a very simple way: “In summer, do not use fat hand creams, and in winter, do not wear gloves, but always keep your hands cool and dry,” Recommend. This dermatologist…

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