Why do men break up at work and never get back together? We talk to the Australian band's founder. Interview Music | light

 Why do men break up at work and never get back together?  We talk to the Australian band's founder.  Interview  Music |  light

“We never got back together and we can never get back together,” says singer Colin Hay of the infamous pop rock band Men at Work. Although many of the disagreements that separated the band’s original members were resolved, the death of guitarist Greg Ham in 2012 made it impossible to hear the quintet of musicians who had represented Australian culture with their songs.

After the success of their debut album “Business as Usual” (1981), the band gained great popularity thanks to the songs “Who Can It Be Now?”, “I Can See It in Your Eyes”, “Be Good Johnny” . , “Overkill”, among other songs that marked the 80s. However, it would not be until 1996 – ten years after their separation – that their casual and energetic style would become popular in South America, which is why Ham & Hey, under the name Men at Work, they toured again. .

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The original line-up of the band consisted of Greg Ham, Ron Strykert, Colin Hay, Jerry Spicer and John Rees.

“That was a wonderful period. Like many other businesses, the reason we broke up was that we were six partners: five musicians and a manager. We had problems and our communication skills were quite out of date – Hay admitted – the two musicians did not like the manager. But the manager was my friend and I was not ready to fire him.

After hiring manager Russell DePeller and retired drummer Jerry Spicer and bassist John Reece, the group was composed of Greg Ham, Colin Hay and Ron Strykert, who began recording the band’s third album, which however only managed to be released in 1985. It will be the last thing men do in the workplace. “Ron left in the middle of recording, he didn’t want to work anymore. The same thing happened with Greg and me, we disappeared,” Hay says.

Rediscovering passion

During his personal search to discover a new passion, which would take him away from the stage for some time, Hay reconnected with music after seeing the impact the songs he composed had on the band, such as ” “Down Under” song. “I still don’t know why he’s so popular, but a lot of people have a lot of affection for him, so much so that he’s become part of Australian culture,” says the singer, who during his tenure as a solo artist reached his current level of popularity. He met his wife, Peruvian singer and dancer, Cecilia Noel.

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After marrying in 2002, she released her ninth album, “Are You Lookin’ at Me?” Issued. This managed to catch the attention of former Beatle Ringo Starr, who invited him, along with other musicians, to be a part of Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band in 2003. “I remember singing and playing with Ringo Starr for a long time. , Hay says, “It was a privilege to be in a band with him during that amazing moment in my life.”

His stay in Ringo Starr’s band would lead to a bond with the British singer, with whom he would continue to do projects, venturing in 2006 with his wife Cecilia Noel – with whom he had already recorded several songs – into a live show. In a live recording where he would play with Ringo Starr and his band the Roundheads for a soundstage program. Colin’s appearance was broadcast, but removed from the 2007 Ringo Starr Live at Soundstage CD release.

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After 18 years, the singer and founder of Men at Work returned to Peru with a new formation of the band, now composed of Sheila González, Miguel Pérez, Jimmy Branly, Cecilia Noel and Yosmel Montejo, who together with Hay Not searching. Gaurav, but also to pay tribute to the legacy left by the songs of the original quintet.

Singer and band founder Colin Hay and multi-instrumentalist Greg Ham continued to tour under the name Men at Work.


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