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Why drinking water at breakfast not only doesn’t make you fat but can help you lose weight

It’s not just that, it’s not calories. As a result, he neither gains weight nor loses weight. What it does is increase satiety and facilitate digestion.

Among all the nutrition ‘urban myths’, one of the biggest is the one that preserves Drinking water is drunk at feasts.

But what about that? María Amaro, a nutritionist, explains it to us. “Water, in addition to being essential, has no calories. As a result, he neither gains weight nor loses weight. Other foods, both liquid and solid, have them. Therefore, you can never gain weight. It does not matter if it is taken before food“.

What’s more, he says, drinking water suppresses our appetite, because “if we drink a lot of water before or during a meal, we’re going to have increased sense of satiety and therefore we will eat less.

And moreover, one of the first thermometers can calibrate ours the real work is to feed them. “When my patients tell me that they feel hungry many times throughout the day, I advise them to drink a glass of water.” find out if you really have what the body needs to cover or his appetite is just.

In this sense he emphasizes, it must be known that ” hunger while it is a physiological necessity appetite it has more to do with an impulse strongly connected with emotions.

But let’s continue to drink water at lunch. Is it true that it involves digestion? It seems not. “Drink water during the day after food or if the body requires it, except” hydrate It helps the food break down facilitate the process of digestion and absorption of nutrients”.

So what do you advise? “Go drink some water as we ate Although this of course depends a lot on the behavior or preferences of the individual. There are those who drink only when they finish, others who eat; But what is manifest is what has to be the demands of the body He did not order a certain diet.

When is it better: before, during or after? “I have to say before or in Because, even if it is caloric, due to the feeling of satiety it causes, it will make a lower calorie (if the goal is to eat less)”.

What is? water system what shall we drink? “For to me the most relevant thing is what the body asks of us. It is clear, of course, from the person, the character, the needs, the action of their body or the weather, among other things. Also the type of food we eat, because the body does not ask so much water from us, when something light and we eat fresh, as a salad, when we prefer a seasoned or more solid dish.

Amaro also has a message for those who “don’t get it” I drink a lot of water, but I can’t lose weight“: “Because there are no calories, it does not mean to lose weight.” And advises us “if we will drink more than we need we can challenge excessive urination by which we will eliminate more than necessary ions and as a result the problem of the kidney will be triggered.

What would be better to drink water during the day? “It would be a goal start drinking a glass of water in the morning just get out of bed. It is not very cold. The best thing to do with food is to drink water he takes small sips in a slow and relaxed manner. And, during the day, it is advisable to drink water until the completion of a minimum amount of about one and a half liters and a maximum of about three.

Although many studies support the possible beneficial effects a glass of wine a day at lunch or dinner – if there are no pathologies that advise against its consumption -, this nutritionist insists “Water is always the main drink at our tableIt’s lunch beerIn addition to notice, unless there is no pain in the neck of the arc, it is not said to be free. “In addition to the calories it provides –A round is estimated to have between 75 and 90 caloriesthe vapor from the beer causes bloating, which, on the other hand, can increase and decrease the feeling of satiety.

“I’ll do it when” refreshments -continue- it wouldn’t be if it happened in an appropriate manner. The problem is that it is a habit in many homes. In this sense, we would like to point out that in a study carried out in the United States of America, accompanying sometimes fatty foods, such as meat, with this type of sugary drink; they reduce the body’s ability to assimilate exuberance its accumulation and also favoring the appearance of cardiovascular diseases.

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