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Why eliminate the basic health plan?

Because free choice allows affiliates to allocate resources according to their own preferences and satisfaction, while budget privileges in social assistance cater to clientelism, corruption, and union demands, without linking pay to performance, nor to satisfaction

family health insurance (SFS) guarantees universal access to health care, while reducing the risk of family bankruptcy and small businesses, under the popular logic of “today for you and tomorrow for me”. It is overcoming the old social security and old mutual aid societies.

SFS protects against health complications, which are often unpredictable, unpredictable, urgent and disruptive. Various studies suggest that the absence of A family health insuranceThis is usually the main reason for the bankruptcy of many micro and small businesses.

So why, despite these advantages, Dominican Medical College (CMD) and it is proposed to eliminate it to go back to the social assistance of the allies public health, What is the real reason for suddenly questioning health insurance that is more than 70 years old, and which was never questioned for more than half a century under the IDSS regime?

The function of the Dominican Social Security System (SDSS) is to finance the entitlement to social security of all Dominicans. But, since resources are always limited, it is meant to limit the scope of such rights. Politicians promise all of that but due to lack of adequate resources reduce it to a simple social assistance, subject to the availability and discretion of the system.

In order to avoid erosion of this fundamental and essential right, basic health plan (PBS) constitute a viable and sustainable realization of the universal right to health. To guarantee its full compliance with the available resources. give everyone a name and surname Services That includes making sure you can make regular payments to them.

family health insurance pay for Services Requested by allies. In social assistance, the budget is spent regardless of the quantity and quality Services provided

The main reason for this rejection is that all the resources have been allocated for payment in SFS Services Guaranteed, and providers are paid only based on performance. It forces you to “earn money by the sweat of your brow”, unlike in social assistance where the amount of pay is predetermined, regardless of whether one works or not, and regardless of dedication and quality of performance Without.

Moreover, because free choice transfers great power to the members to choose health risk administrators (ARS) and doctors and health centers (PSSs). In this way, it is the collaborators who allocate the resources as per their choice and satisfaction, they have the right to change if they are not satisfied. This is a real change in the doctor/patient relationship. It’s not perfect, but much better, and can be improved.

On the other hand, in the mode of social assistance of public healthBudgeting privileges customerism, union first and attention to supplier demands, without linking pay to performance or satisfaction. This constitutes a permanent incentive for the law of least effort, for mediocrity, because you get paid the same, and you get the same raise, work or not, comply or not. Huh. All the power to the lobbyists at the expense of allies and contributors!

basic health plan (PBS) is bound to guarantee, yes or yes, all Services Include. And that’s why he pays for the benefits, because he can’t offer more than Services than those who can pay with income. Since you can’t move your feet further than the sheet, you need to manage the risk by monitoring and supervising the process.

On the other hand, as in social assistance, there is no concrete guarantee, it is not necessary to estimate the costs because Services They are lent with what is left of the budget. Zero real guarantee of rights. Total subordination of demand (allies) to the interests of the offer (political + doctor + supplier).

The result is that resources almost always appear to raise wages and appease other pressure groups, while they are almost never enough to buy the medicines, sheets, plates and reagents needed to care for the poorest and most vulnerable families. are not. Hence the frequent deficiencies, consistency, low quality, wear and tear of equipment and lack of physical plant maintenance.

Economist specialist in social security in Spain. He led the technical team that designed the Dominican Social Security System (SDSS) and drafted Law 87-01. First General Manager of National Council of Social Security (CNSS).

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