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Why Guillermo Lasso is about prosecution and removal in Ecuador

On January 9, the digital portal La Posta revealed the alleged structure of corruption that was set up by the businessman Danilo Carrera, whom it called the “Great Sponsor”, and accused him of being behind the “looting” of public companies Ecuadorian. It is indicated that the president is light William Lasso and the plan in which he was engaged, the governor was once again put to the extreme judgment of the politicians for his dismissal.

The hearings released by La Posta do not only involve Runwho is not a public official or holds any position in government Lassoeven to Hernan Luqueformer Lasso delegate on the board of the Public Coordination Society (EMCO).

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According to La Posta, the network allegedly benefited from the contracts The National Electricity Corporation of Ecuador (CNEL), the Ecuadorian Oil Fleet (Flopec), Petroecuador and the Electricity Corporation of Ecuador (Celec).

According to what was revealed by La Posta; Runto the cooperation of his friends; Ruben CherresHe manages public affairs Ecuadorian y* decides which private companies work with the state for rewards.

In addition, La Posta published a report from the Anti-Narcotics Unit of the police in . he expelled Ecuadorian which shows the alleged connection between the Government and albanian mafiathrough Ruben Cherres.

Guillermo Lasso celebrates his victory in Ecuador’s elections on April 11, 2021. (Photo by Fernando Mendez / AFP).

Journalist Andersson Boscan explained that the team Post office Access to public documents, contracts, testimonies from those involved, children’s audio, and police intelligence reports to build the investigation.

He added that La Posta had “obtained certain documents” how they lied about winning contracts for moneyhow false relations are created, so as to simulate contests in public affairs and give the appearance of being honest, when in reality there is a collusion and partnership between three men who know each other and who belong to the same society. Finally, we publish a series of audios They involve high-level officials who are in President Lasso’s inner circle..

on June 29, 2022

The attempted removal of Guillermo Lasso obtained the necessary 80 votes in the 92nd Ecuadorian National Assembly.

After learning of the revelation on the national network, President Lasso described the journalists as “mercenaries” and claimed that they had attacked his integrity and that of his family. He said that the “weeks of fame” of the media have come to an end and that he will “fight against those who want to violate the freedom of speech”.

“Do not confuse freedom with rape and abuse. The posting was abused by saved reputation omitting to say that the content was released by the Prosecutor’s Office and the office by order of the court. Archived for lack of merit for almost a year (…) Abuse tries to create a false, misleading, insulting cartoon, based on the freedom they have violated,” he said.

The press team Post office he replied to Lasso by statement: “We reject the police, the intimidating authorities and the repulsive attitude of the President of the Republic, Guillermus Lasso, who used the national network to discredit our work and at the same time openly threatens us to stop our operations. investigations of corruption in his Government”.

William Lasso (AFP).


President William Lasso he still has two years of administration ahead of him. But the opponents were able to remove him much faster.

The National Assembly of Ecuadorwhere the majority were in opposition, the delegation inquired “The Great Godfather” and recommended that a political trial be opened against the president. He accuses him of the allegations crimes against public security and omission in crimes against public administration.

70 votes were required to approve the report and in the end the opposition obtained 104. National Assembly Ecuadorian it has 137 members.

Now, after obtaining the signature of 46 legislators, a member of the group must present the request accusation writing to the President of the National Assembly, where he must attach the formula of charges and evidence.

Then the Legal Administration Council will verify the requirements that are related to the case Constitutional Courtwho must decide if there are grounds for opening a process for the president.

Ecuadorian constitution

established that the president can be removed for crimes against public security, embezzlement, the environment, embezzlement or illicit enrichment.

and at* Constitutional Court admits the process, will go to National Assembly at the beginning of the prosecution instance.

Specifically, the Commission of the Ecumenical Council will have 30 days to recommend the impeachment of the president.

Then the president of the National Assembly will have five days to deliberate on the issue. Before the vote of the plenary session of the Legislature is called, the president of the state must present a certificate of impeachment.

Finally, 92 favorable votes are required to remove the president.

In the case Constitutional Court reject it, it will be sent to the archive.

But not before. The opposition has already announced that it will use other mechanisms to release Lassoto declare the “mental incapacity” of the president.

The government rejected the objection through the Minister of the Government Henrique Cucalón, who said “it is wrongly trying to work out a story to establish a political trial on the fly against the President of the Republic, it is not an act of moderation but of clear destabilization”. .

For his part, the former President Rafael Correa has already said that it is not necessary to wait for the end of the term of the president to change the leader. Ecuadorian.

While the Confederation of Indigenous Nations of Ecuador (Conaie) had a protracted congress, in which it also demanded departure. Lasso.


The fate of Lasso is in the hands of the Constitutional Court

By Sebastian Mantilla, political analyst. Director of the Center for Latin American Political Studies (CELAEP)

The Congress invokes article 129 of the Constitution, which says that the National Assembly can call the president to impeach in three cases: crimes against public security, crimes of corruption, the environment, embezzlement and illegal enrichment and crimes of genocide, torture, etc.

Thus, according to the report of the National Assembly, the president had committed crimes against public security and crimes against public administrat

In June 2022, Lasso was tried to prosecute using Article 130 of the Constitution, due to a serious political crisis and internal turmoil. I tried to complain about this matter.

On this occasion the votes did not remove him, while the Christian Social Party played a key role in the National Assembly to save Lasso. But now after the local elections and after the words of the president against that party, leader Jaime Nebot, they had very strong words against the president. Therefore, the necessary votes on impeachment and dismissal would be today.

But the matter is somewhat complicated for the promoters of the political trial, since the Assembly must have a decision of admission from the Constitutional Court. There are examples in which the said court has decided in favor of the Government some sensitive issues for the Executive. Perhaps that is where the accusation will stop.

However, it should also be noted that when the National Assembly demanded the impeachment of former Vice President Jorge Glass, the Constitutional Court ruled in favor of his impeachment.

On the other hand, in Ecuador it is possible for the president to promote the death of the cross, that is to preside over the Assembly and ask for its closure. In that case, Lasso would govern for six months by decree and must call general elections.

In short, Mr. Lasso is in a difficult situation. It must be taken into account that this Wednesday is the first time a native has called against the president. If the prosecution does not work, it is possible that social, political and indigenous mobilizations will lead to various cases and he will stop reporting.

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