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Why is it so cold in Guanajuato on these dates?

Leon.- in social media information is disseminated that alerts the population to an “Aphelian event”who will allegedly drive Tierra with up to 66% of normal distance Fifth note of musical scaleHence there will be a sudden drop in temperature from here
The month of March, in addition to causing damage to health, affects Guanajuato and the whole country.

Although scientific report confirm that it is propaganda because publications include wrong data about the distance between the Sun and the Earth, apart from the fact that distance between stars During the year it is not determinant for temperature, and it does not cause flu or whooping cough, as noted in publications on the network.

Such reports have been circulating since June 4 last year and are currently being shared on profiles, groups and network pages, purporting to be “From 05:27 today, we will experience the Aphelion Phenomenon, the Earth will be further away from the Sun. We cannot see the phenomenon, but we can feel its effect. It will last till March.”

This is something that all of us do not know at such an advanced level of study in class, when we learned what is the shortest distance between the Earth and the Sun called? perihelion elder, Star which happens every year, January why Juliorespectively.

and according to NASA, on its website, indicates that when aposaur occurs, Earth is located at 152 million 83 thousand 8 km from the Sun and at aposaur at 147 million 94 thousand 41 km. However, he clarifies that the change in the distance between the stars is not decisive for the climate, that is, it does not cause a sudden drop or rise in temperature.

The US space agency and the Spanish Institute of Aerospace Technology report that daverage distance between sun and earth This is 150 million kilometers, and not 90 million kilometers, as the publications indicate.

And it is also wrong that during the year and the apogee the Earth moves away from the Sun by 66% of the average distance, as online publications state, when the difference between the apogee and the apogee is only 3%.

Then what is it that causes the temperature change?

NASA explains that the Earth rotates elliptically at the same time it rotates on its axis. tilt of axis of rotation 23.5° of the planet, which gives rise to the seasons.

The tilt of this axis causes the Sun’s rays to reach the Northern Hemisphere vertically in summer, and to the Southern Hemisphere in winter, which defines the Sun’s rays. Temperature so is the inclination of the axis of rotation
He who defines the seasons.

In this regard the National Meteorological Service (SMN) states that the temperature is affected by the geographical location of the country winter system which are offered from September to April and for the anticyclonic system That is, the wind rotates according to the needles of the clock.

there are also frontal system that are with one polar time It produces a decrease in temperature in most of the national regions mainly in the months of January and December.

And what happens with the current cold, scientists say, is not a noticeable drop in temperature, but a cooling temperature due to ingress of moisture.

For all of the above, the information circulating on Facebook is false because aphelion does not determine temperature, the planet will not move 66% away from the Sun, the Mexican authorities have not recorded any unusual changes in temperature and this phenomenon is not a health hazard. harms.

Now we can feel why it is so cold in Guanajuato, although many Guanajuatense they already knew, so they are aware of the entries of cold fronts Regarding the humidity and the polar masses that come with the tilt of the Earth’s rotation with respect to the Sun, to know what precautions should be taken with respect to the weather prevent disease in the winter season.

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