Why is Multifamily Real Estate a Good Business in the USA?

Why is Multifamily Real Estate a Good Business in the USA?

Then, Why should we invest in Real Estate Multifamily when we want to diversify our capital? And why do this especially in the United States?

Unlike single-family models, which are individual homes or apartments, real estate multifamily consists of residential complexes of more than 10 units that share land, facilities and common space. The latter is one of the models that exhibits the best performance in the world, and allows investors to enter a diversified business without the need for large capital.

Real estate is one of the assets that generates the greatest security in times of crisis. Since there are different models in this area, we can adjust our investment formats as per our objectives. An example of this is that, since it is based on residential rents, it has suffered practically no damage from the COVID-19 crisis, falling just 3%, according to the NMHC (National Multifamily Housing Council) data. Verifies the basis. That the last thing a person stops paying is their house.

The decision to invest in multifamily real estate, especially in markets like the United States, is a great option for those who want to diversify their capital without much effort and efficiency, as it provides immediate income and consistent cash flow. generates, as it is linked to the rent of several units and not to a single property. Plus, we are located in one of the most stable and safe markets in the world, with investor-friendly laws and tax burdens. In addition to being the world’s leading economy, being one of the fastest recoveries from a crisis and showing a level of sustained growth over the centuries, the United States is the preferred market for the world’s main capitals (it’s about a 50% Represents %) of global market share in terms of capital allocation by private real estate funds.

On the other hand, the returns are very competitive by having a continuous flow of rent from multiple units, which in turn are adjusted for inflation rather than the returns associated with an apartment or property. The multifamily is an asset with excellent performance with respect to its risk-benefit ratio, and therefore, it is ideal for leaning on the real economy in times of volatility.

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