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Why is the mind not the same as the brain?

The relationship between mind and brain continues to be intensely debated among philosophers, psychologists, and neuroscientists. Difference.

Q – I am confused because I am haunted by fear and dread. One doctor tells me it’s due to a brain defect, but another tells me it’s trauma I suffered as a child. The question would be: Are brain and mind the same?

Cristian Alvarez, Rosario, Santa Fe.

The connection that occurs between the mind and the brain continues to arise intense debate among philosophers, psychologists and neuroscientists. According to the latter, the mind cannot exist without its material support, which is the brain.

However, it is difficult to understand how concepts such as love, religious sentiment, artistic creativity, musical sensibility, humor, among others, are not only an exclusively cerebral origin,

old claim brain is responsible for mental activity This is easy to understand, but since this question has arisen, it is already not so easy to interpret it.

that’s why on the one hand Psychiatrist and Neurologists deal with the functioning of the brain and on the other hand, there are psychologists and psychoanalysts who are interested in focusing on and studying the mind.


In classic comparison, the former is considered a technician who knows the mechanical part “brain computers” and the latter, like technicians who analyze the “programs” that make it work.

until recent times, but with remnants still in force, each of these experts claimed to understand himself mental and brain function And unfortunately only from their own perspective.

Fortunately, more and more professionals are beginning to integrate both approaches.

Although all human brains are similar in their anatomy, circuits that are active One way or another varies more according to people and according to different factors.

An important inheritance is: genes affect origin and the activation of each brain circuit.

A thought can change brain chemistry, and in turn, changing brain chemistry can change thoughts and states of mind as well.

Another is the early experiences of the first years of life: according to the experiences, they will be activated in each person. particular individual circuit,

Something similar happens with digital impressions: we all have them, but they are very different in each one. the same can be said about “psychological” impressions Determined by personal history.

It is one of the major contributions of psychoanalysis, and it served to give Freud a new therapeutic approach and a new psychology of the unconscious.

Freudian theory – often the subject of controversy because of its particular interpretation of infantile sexuality a remarkable contribution to psychic knowledge and human behavior.

The mind has its own characteristics. Just as water has properties that are different from the elements that make it up (hydrogen and oxygen), the mind is one own system with specific emergent propertiesBut the brain is also isolated from the circuits it activates.

Since the mind is made of brain tissue, the functioning of this organ will affect it. And, conversely, mental activity will affect your hardwareWhich is mind.

it means an idea can change brain chemistry And, in turn, a chemical change in the brain can alter a thought or state of mind.

“Biology gives you a brain. life makes it a mind”, reflected author Jeffrey Eugenides in his book Middlesex (Anagram, 2003).

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