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Why she quit acting, her marriage “in two houses” and her new lifestyle

Away from acting, Natalia Lobo has adopted a new lifestyle

a few years ago, Natalia Lobo He realized that acting was no longer his cup of tea and decided to quit. He has not worked in television, theater or cinema for four years. Instead, he devoted himself to traveling more deeply on the path of enlightenment that he had begun many years earlier. A descendant of women healers, Natalia assures: “After the pandemic I felt we had to go back to the roots and raise consciousness. I think the time has come for the integration of our daily life in the city and nature.

in an interview with Nation, Natalia talks about her new project, The Healing Circle, and reflects on her relationship with Ariel Polaco, whom she married a year earlier; About his health and the decision to live in separate homes after an operation in November 2019.

How did you spend the first year of marriage?

– Well, although everyone stays in their house. Bringing families together is difficult: they have two kids and I have kids. At one point I tried to live in his house, but I have to live with Inti, who is 21 and needs me. And I him. So, with Ariel we are in the challenge of meeting, living in different houses. How to respect others and not hold back is a learning experience. We are on a path that is not easy, but very loving. We are all in search of what makes us good. Earlier it seemed that we all fit into one format or the other and now it is not so. It’s slim, there are new formats, there are new families and everyone looks at what’s good for them. Love is great and so are differences, and that’s why I came to our wedding by boat, because I came from another place. We are from two different clans that met and we are keeping ours together. We love each other with our souls and we are looking at how to keep ‘us’ together in different homes, each with its own family pattern.

-You had a tough time with your health in 2019 and you had to have an emergency operation, how did Ariel support you in that process?

-He went with me in love (he got excited). He was more scared than me. He was with me the whole time. It was difficult because at such a moment you feel more alive than ever, you understand that you do not want to lose your life. On a day-to-day basis, you don’t realize how valuable it is to be nice, because you take so many things for granted. You have to wake up every morning to be grateful, and sometimes I forget too, no matter what happened to me. So we have to train, give thanks, scan my body, see what happens to me, what I feel and that’s what I want to share with people. You have to raise awareness, and focus on the good.

Natalia lobo and her healing journey: the healing circle

Natalia Lobo and her healing journey: The Healing Circle

– How are you feeling today?

– I’m fine I have to have checkups every six months. On November 11, 2019, he operated me and removed 25 cm of intestine. Four days ago they gave me the diagnosis and the good thing is that it was encapsulated and I didn’t have to do any other treatment. It was a warning. I couldn’t tell it then because I was going through that moment and then the pandemic hit.

-You always ate healthy, did you change anything in your diet or routine?

At one time I was a vegetarian, but the truth is that sometimes my body asks me to eat meat and I eat it. I found out dairy products make me sick and I don’t eat them, nor white sugar, nor anything packaged. I try to be conscious and eat very healthy. I have been training for many years and doing yoga every day.

-Is it true that the marriage proposal came after that experience?

-Yes. We left the doctor, we came to the corner and he said to me: ‘When all this is over we will get married’. And I said yes and hugged her. It was a moment of great union and power. Ariel supported me a lot.

Natalia and ariel, wedding day

Natalia and Ariel, wedding day

goodbye and welcome

– It’s been a long time since you acted, why?

I have given up acting completely. one day i was recording the unit catch the thief, on Telefe, in 2019, and suddenly I felt out of place. I felt like I didn’t want to be there anymore, as if I had been woken up by something. I was amazed and did not understand, because I loved her and this was my life. It is as if a circle has come full circle and the path is no more. And I heard.


– No, nothing (laughs). It’s a closed cycle. And I’m not weird because what I associate with healing circles is like movies and I’m a director. I want people to experience a film, not watch it, but watch the film.

-and now?

Now I want to share everything that I have learned in recent years. In fact, it’s something I’ve been sucking at since I was a little kid because my mother Chawla has been talking about vibrations and electromagnetism for as long as I can remember. He gave me (Carlos) Castaneda’s books. I read at the age of 12 don juan’s teachingsHe also knew Krishnamurti, he knew about the Tarot, about the stones. I grew up with that training and some more searching for the invisible. My grandmother, Venera, was the town doctor in Azul. I didn’t realize it because it was something natural. And during the pandemic, I realized that I had to go in, because you can’t get out. I started connecting with the part that was more than I thought.

"i want to hold meetings to share what i've learned;  and what do i do

“I want to hold meetings to share what I learned and what I do,” says Natalia Lobo.

– What is it about?

-I want to hold meetings to share what I’ve learned and what I do. We already had an experience in Merlo, San Luis last November, but now I’m going to organize a meeting for everyone from Thursday, May 25th to Sunday, May 28th at Casa La Providencia, Route 7, Km 328 of Alberdi I have been , Buenos Aires Province. There will be plenty of food, art, rituals, exercise. I want to make real life films so that people can experience it. And I do it with my friend and partner, Nanda Labiano, who is a psychologist and runs an ecological reserve in Merlo, San Luis. We thought about sharing what we have been doing for years and that does us good, and that is the pursuit of goodness and wisdom. There will be people who will share their knowledge, such as the Chacaruna (bridge man), who will talk about Andean cultures and the native people’s relation to the land. and another who is a musician and luthier who harmonizes the sounds. Also a cook who is the Pachamama of food. My friend Nanda is going to give a workshop on the energy centers of the body and I will probably lead a meditation and there will be a walk. I think the time has come to integrate our daily life into the city and nature, connect with it and share what is good for us. This is what I have been doing for many years. the meeting is called Barrow and Pampa are connecting with the roots, And for those who can’t make the trip, the idea is to hold more meetings and conferences throughout the year in Buenos Aires. I want to do free activities, popular park. Thoughts are many.

-What is a healing circle?

This is a healing journey.

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