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Why Sherlock never recovered from his own death 10 years later

MYour best friend, Sherlock Holmes, is dead.” That’s what Sherlock’s traumatized Dr. John Watson (Martin Freeman) tells his therapist in the shocking opening of “The Reichenbach Fall.” But was he?

It’s been 10 years since this weekend that episode ended with Benedict Cumberbatch’s supergeek sleuth appearing to kill himself by jumping off a roof. It has since become one of the most talked about TV cliffhangers DallasThe infamous “Who Shot JR?” Yet unlike the miraculous existence of its protagonist, this show will never recover.

The BBC’s contemporary reboot of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic detective stories – by Mastermind doctor who Alumni Steven Moffatt and Mark Gatiss – debuted two years ago. Vibrant, witty and scintillating performances, it was an instant cultural phenomenon.

Sherlock Becomes UK’s most-watched drama series in the 21st century – at least until then line of duty came along. The first series produced an internet-breaking star of Cumberbatch (whose fans called themselves “Cumberbits”), scooped Emmys and BAFTAs, and was syndicated around the world. Even Holmes’s trademark £800 Belstaff greatcoat sold out.

The follow-up series, which premiered on New Year’s Day 2012, built on that glitter-coated, sharp-cheekbones success. This pushed the ratings past the 10 million mark and made Cumberbits even hotter under his inverted Belstaff collar. The three-part race climaxed on January 15, with an installment based on the story of Conan Doyle. final problem, in which Holmes and his nemesis James Moriarty are believed to have died from the Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland.

The 2012 TV counterpart portrayed “consulting criminal” Jim Moriarty’s plan to discredit and kill his arch-enemy. He convinced the public that Holmes had faked his famous cases, destroyed his reputation and driven him to suicide. Realizing his life is in grave danger, Sherlock visits pathologist Molly Hooper (Louise Breeley) in his laboratory in St. Barts, before making arrangements to meet Moriarty (visual-chewing Andrew Scott) on the roof of the hospital.

In a worrying showdown, Moriarty gives Holmes an ultimatum: die by suicide or the hitman will simultaneously shoot Watson, his landlady Mrs. Hudson (Una Stubbs) and DI Greg Lestrade (Rupert Graves). Sherlock concludes that Moriarty must have a way of summoning the killers – at which point Moriarty shoots himself. Sherlock’s options were off. The only way to save his friends was to jump.

Watson looked in horror from the street as Holmes was walking down the roof laughingly. When the blood-soaked corpse was dragged, he stumbled and fell in grief. We saw a tabloid front page titled “Suicide of Fake Genius”. However, when Watson visited Sherlock’s grave, the man himself was watching from afar. The nation gasped. Credit dropped.

How did he pull it off? There is speculation on social media. Fan forums exploded with theories involving dummies, hallucinogenic drugs, and dead bodies from Molly’s morgue. The sequence flipped endlessly over and over. Moffat fueled the speculation by saying that there was “a clue everyone had missed”. Holmes may not have died in that dramatic leap, but some would say the series did. The man jumped off the roof as Sherlock, Sherlock The show arguably jumped the shark.

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The eagerly awaited reveal of how Holmes survived until two years later was not revealed. Trouble was, meanwhile, writers Moffat and Gatiss had watched the speculation with satisfied smiles on their faces—and decided to weave that fan frenzy into the script itself.

did he or not? Sherlock dives off the roof


First came the Christmas mini-episode “Many Happy Returns”. This was followed by Philip Anderson (Jonathan Aris), a former member of the Metropolitan Police’s forensic services, who was fired after recovering on the belief that Sherlock was still alive.

By New Year’s Day of 2014, all eyes were finally on BBC One to see what the answers were. Nearly 13 million watched “The Empty Hearse” inspired by Conan Doyle empty house adventures, In this episode, Holmes is reunited with Watson and the two defeat an underground terrorist network. That’s all, couches erupted across the country, what about suicide stunts?

A flashback showed Holmes bouncing on a bungee rope and running into the hospital through a window, leaving Moriarty’s body in a Sherlock mask to mislead onlookers. There was even a cameo from brain-trickster Darren Brown, giving Watson time to hypnotize it to set up. However, this was increasingly shown to be a “Bollock” conspiracy theory dreamed up by Anderson. Swiss.

Another reconstruction shows Sherlock and Moriarty in cahoots, fooling Watson with a makeshift effigy before falling into a passionate embrace. Cut to Anderson dismissed it as a work of slang fan-fiction.

Finally, Holmes met with him to explain how his homeless network had deployed an inflatable crashmat before posing as spectators and paramedics. Holmes jumped on him and thrust a squash ball under his arm to temporarily cut his pulse. Anderson drilled holes in this version of events, frantically sobbing and ripping his theories off the walls. Another Swiss.

The episode featured fan clubs, hashtags, and elaborate hypotheses. Representing real-life discourse, Anderson was dismayed by every explanation. “Everybody’s a critic,” quipped Holmes. It was Moffat and Gatiss mocking the skeptics, brushing off any potential backlash with smug-in-jokes.

The consensus explanation seemed to be “Operation Lazarus”: a giant airbag concealed by an ambulance station, a similar-looking cadaver supplied by Molly, collided with Watson, a cyclist, to distract her. But no one was quite sure. Instead of a simple answer, we got a variety of but not really answers.

Gotcha: Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman at the ‘Sherlock’ press event in 2016

(Jeff Spicer/Getty)

Perhaps no one solution would have pleased everyone. It didn’t take the risk of pleasing anyone. It was playful postmodern but ultimately disappointing. As Moriarty told Holmes on the roof of that hospital: “It’s your weakness. You always want everything to be smart”. echo of Moffat’s tenure doctor who Showrunner, who became more complacent and self-indulgent, sister show Sherlock — once universally acclaimed but suddenly dividing audiences — began disappearing down its Baker Street back alley.

Watson’s wife Mary (Amanda Abington) was exposed as a ninja assassin. When Moriarty rose from the grave, Holmes publicly shot an adversary, before being swiftly cleared of murder. An entire Victorian fantasy episode takes place inside Sherlock’s intoxicating “mind palace”.

The following series continued to decline, receiving decidedly mixed reviews and scoring only 56 percent on critical aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes – a steep drop from 94 percent for the earlier series. Don’t even get me started on that complicated, non-canonical business with Sherlock’s shape-shifting, long-lost evil sister Urus (Sean Brooke). By the time the last episode aired, 221B Baker Street, was destroyed, Watson was a widower and Holmes was described as “a junkie who solved crimes to get high”.

it’s been five years now Sherlock The last stride on our screens, brain waring, quote billing. Moffat and Gatiss had planned another series, but were undecided about whether to produce it. Though creators and cast have expressed interest in making more, scheduling conflicts mean it’s still stuck in development hell.

The fans are released into the air like a falling Sherlock. Let’s hope the show emerges like Lazarus too—and when it does, it’s more elementary, my dear writers.

‘Sherlock’ is available on iPlayer, BritBox, Alibi and Amazon Prime Video

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