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Why should NASA present a report on the UFO phenomenon?

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the United States (NASA) released a report of an expert panel that outlined the need to increase efforts to collect information on “unidentified anomalous phenomena.” Unidentified Flying Objects).

For this reason, NASA has appointed a director who will be in charge of investigating the aforementioned cases, so that it will seek to “centralize communications, resources and analytical capabilities to build a robust database for evaluating future UAPs.” according to the report. .

NASA’s independent panel, made up of experts in scientific fields from physics to astrobiology, released this report after the first public meeting held at the end of May to address this issue. At that time, the space agency confirmed for the first time that there is evidence of this “unidentified anomalous phenomena,” but admitted that it needs to be studied carefully to provide a scientific explanation of what these mysterious things really are.

“Current data and eyewitness reports alone are insufficient to provide conclusive evidence about the nature and origin of these objects,” said David Spergel, a member of NASA’s UAP panel.

This panel continues their efforts to try to discover what those objects whose origin they have already clarified are not of “extraterrestrial” origin.

“NASA has a variety of existing and planned Earth and space observation assets, along with an extensive archive of historical and current data sets, that should be used directly to understand UAPs,” the report said.

Another goal is the new division of NASA in charge of monitoring unknown anomalous objects that have a more important role in helping the Pentagon in their detection.

“Although NASA’s fleet of Earth observation satellites often lack the spatial resolution to detect relatively small objects such as UAPs, their next-generation sensors can be used directly to investigate local conditions land, ocean, and atmospheric conditions.” that spatially and temporally coincided with UAPs previously detected by other methods. Therefore, NASA properties may play an important role in directly determining whether specific environmental factors are associated with certain reported UAP behaviors or events,” the text added.

In recent years, the United States government has made many disclosures about this subject after keeping it quiet for decades and this issue is considered taboo.

The new report calls UAPs “one of the greatest mysteries of our planet.”

“Objects in our sky that cannot be identified as balloons, airplanes, or known natural phenomena have been observed all over the world, but with limited high-quality observations. used by scientists to open the secrets of our universe,” the report said, lamenting that “despite abundant narrative and visual evidence, the absence of consistent, detailed and curated observations means that we currently have no data that necessary to reach definitive scientific conclusions about UAP,” he added.

In 2021, an important report compiled by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence with a task force led by the Navy was released, which contained several observations, primarily from military personnel, on UAPs.

The report includes several cases of UAPs that were previously exposed by the Pentagon in the release of videos of naval aviators showing mysterious aircraft on the east and west coasts of the US, demonstrating speed and maneuverability that surpass the technologies of aviation. visible flight control surface. The report indicated that defense and intelligence analysts lacked sufficient data to determine the nature of certain items.

A “hidden program” for UAP monitoring?

A few weeks ago, US military intelligence officials testified before a congressional hearing that the United States is conducting a secret program to track unidentified flying objects. David Grusch, a retired US Air Force officer, confirmed that he was tasked with reporting classified documents on the sightings, but said he was denied access when he asked to read some of the classified reports.

“I was denied access to additional readings when I requested them. With the data collected, I prepared a report to deliver to my superiors and several inspectors general,” he said.

During the hearing, it was also revealed that the government has been aware of these activities since 1930. These sightings are not unusual or isolated as they are something that is commonly seen by military, crew and commercial personnel. ,” said Ryan Graves, another retired US Navy officer.

For its part, the Pentagon denied that there were any discoveries about unknown anomalous events but admitted that it had received reports. Despite everything, they insist that nothing leads them to believe that these visions have an extraterrestrial origin.

Two senior US defense intelligence officials testified at another congressional hearing in 2022 that the Pentagon is committed to determining the origin of the UAPs. The two officials promised that the Pentagon will follow the evidence wherever it leads and made it clear that the main interest is to solve potential threats to national security.

The two officials in that hearing chose their words carefully, including the question of possible extraterrestrial origin. One of the officials, Scott Bray, stated during the hearing that “we have not found any material, we have not found any emanations, within the group working on the UAP that suggests it is of non-terrestrial origin.” There has been no open public hearing on the issue since the Air Force ended an unfinished UFO program called Project Blue Book in 1969.

Another congressional hearing was held in July and included testimony from retired military personnel, although no government officials appeared.

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