Wiesmann presents Project Thunderball with three limited-edition design concepts

Wiesmann presents Project Thunderball with three limited-edition design concepts

German luxury car manufacturer Wiesmann has unveiled three unique limited edition design concepts, inspired by the recently unveiled “Project Thunderball”. Created in partnership with studiokurbos, the creative process led by Roheen Berry, owner and CEO of Wiesmann, was brought to life in collaboration with the global design studio, with the final project showing the endless customization possibilities of the new car.

The limited edition concept will inspire customers as they begin their collaboration, a completely unique experience known and celebrated by Wiesmann, which has always promised and will continue to promise endless opportunities for the customer. Highlighting three very different brands, the designs show the many unique and versatile ways in which Project Thunderball can be customized for each customer.

Design Concept One: “The very essence of open-top motorsport, inspired by the moment when you and your car become one.”

Memories of the feelings of the warm sun on your face, the wind in your hair and the sight of the crystal clear water of the Cote d’Azur stretching to the horizon were the main elements that inspired the first Edition Design Concept Limited. A bespoke ocean blue metallic exterior has been created to evoke warm sea waters and the endless ethers of a Mediterranean summer, a luxurious interior finished in the finest vibrant orange leathers, soft touch cream canvas accents and high gloss teak accents, all blending together seamlessly. to evoke the image and death of the beach of Saint Tropez.

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Design Concept Two: inspired by the Gatsby era of the Roaring Twenties, with the hope of a future of pleasure, mere driving is imagined.

The Roaring Twenties was the age of modernism, with hope for the future, with these sentiments in the new spirit of motoring, which was as much about the joy of driving as the need to travel. It was also the time that shaped the “joie de vivre” of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s iconic character, Jay Gatsby. An enigmatic socialite whose love for the finer things in life will become the epitome of the decade. This opulence and hope is the inspiration behind the second limited edition concept. The exterior is finished in a bold gold tone with a matching grille, contrasted by a deep burgundy leather interior with soft touch matte leather trim.

Design concept three: “Like a shadow under the sky quietly slips into view.”

Inspired by the dark night and dark heroes, the third skin is cleverly finished in a matte black exterior, beautifully illuminated with shiny details, creating the ultimate menacing presence. The interior showcases the vehicle’s purpose and power with matte black leather, which intersperses with anodized accents and gloss carbon fiber, to create an evocative and emotional driving experience.

The Limited Edition Design Concepts unveiled in conjunction with ‘Project Thunderball’ truly encapsulate the new direction for Wiesmann, which will see the unification of state-of-the-art electrical power with expert design and craftsmanship. Magnificently showcasing every single detail in a stunning and luxurious cabin that blends the finest materials, crafted and manufactured in-house, with a welcoming design; Warm, soft-tactile leathers work together with immaculately finished carbon fiber, hand-carved wood veneers and premium metal to create a powerful and luxurious experience. With a sense of connectedness between interior and exterior, no care is limited, right down to the prominent grille and clamshell opening on the hood.

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Roheen Berry, Owner and CEO of Wiesmann: “It is incredibly exciting to collaborate with the studiokurbos team through the design process for Project Thunderball and the three limited edition designs. This car is very special, not only because of its timeless design and specific conditions, but also because it firmly anchors this new era of Wiesmann in the luxury automotive industry and beyond. Project Thunderball celebrates Wiesmann’s rich past and fierce craftsmanship, incorporating the most iconic elements from the MF3, MF4 and MF5 to celebrate our rich heritage while looking to the future by introducing technology and innovation. This is just the beginning for us, and the response has already been fantastic – we can’t wait to see what happens next.

Andreas Kurbos, owner and CEO of studiokurbos: “It is a privilege to join the team with Roheen and Wiesmann to bring a clear vision and direction to the new life that Wiesmann should stand for. With Roheen’s guidance, we were able to discern the elements of the legacy vehicles that must be retained to maintain the iconic brand image. At the same time, we explore new sources of inspiration to create modern and versatile sports cars, as evidenced by Project Thunderball and limited edition design concepts.

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Without an impromptu and forward-thinking strategy, Wiesmann truly excels in his approach to striking at his base; past, present and future. Clients welcome the brand as part of the family and are placed at the heart of a very exclusive and rare property experience. The customer journey is specially designed to meet the individual requirements and requirements; This is much more than css. Customers are invited to visit the Wiesmann factory to see the artistic creation of their cars before their eyes, through each step of the design and manufacturing process.

Demand from customers around the world has been exceptional, with the entire first year of Project production already sold out, with deliveries scheduled for 2024. Project Thunderball will be carefully crafted by the many team members who have helped grow this illustrious German brand; using the latest production technology while maintaining the reputation of Wiesmann’s expertise in German bodybuilding of the highest standard. With prices starting at €300,000, interested parties wishing to register their interest in the next series of production are invited to join the new waiting list at www.wiesmann.com.


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