Wilkens Matthews won easily; Leila Beaudoin works hard

 Wilkens Matthews won easily;  Leila Beaudoin works hard

Wilkens Matthews was competing in his first professional fight at home and he made his comeback by defeating Mexican Jose Arias Alvarez at the Videotron Center on Saturday evening.

The Quebecer (6-0-0, 3 KOs) was the first to vibrate the Videotron Center, which was already quite full when he entered the ring. He defeated Arias Alvarez (3-2-0, 1 KO) by unanimous decision (40-36, 40-35, 40-35).

The super middleweight from Quebec dominated the fight from start to finish against a very cocky opponent who could not produce much results, being mainly content to defend himself against an opponent who appeared to be in control of the situation. Was. Matthew didn’t really pay attention to his opponent’s attitude.

“It didn’t affect me at all, I am calm by nature and I don’t get carried away by emotions even if my opponent tries to be careless.

Thanks quebec

The 19-year-old believes he fought well in all four rounds.

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“He didn’t dare to commit too much, so it was difficult for me to throw the punches I wanted to throw. I still did what I had to do and I’m satisfied.”

He clearly noticed the crowd’s support and he assured that it played a role in his victory.

“I felt alive and I think that was partly because the crowd gave me so much energy, I didn’t expect it, it’s amazing. I would have loved to have been Knocked Out for the show because it’s hard to describe how I felt, the rush the crowd gave me. “I would like to play a final in Quebec by the end of the year.”

Beaudoin gets his revenge

The event featured a women’s fight, a super featherweight duel.

Temiscouata’s Leila Beaudoin (11-1-0, 1 KO) got her revenge against Elizabeth Espinoza (4-6-3, 1 KO). Beaudoin won by unanimous decision (78–74, 78–74, 77–75), although it seemed clear that the Mexican, who had suffered the only defeat of his career, was superior in the clash.

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“I knew I had won, I was confident in what I did. I slowed down a bit in the last two rounds because I had an injury to my right hand,” confided Beaudoin, who often left the center of the ring to his opponent.

I’m good when I move forward and land my strike, but I’m also very comfortable moving around on the cable as well. ,

Local people win

In the curtain raiser, the average Moreno Fandero (3-0-0, 2 KOs) made short work of poor Mexican Victor Hugo Flores (7-3-0, 3 KOs), who landed his knees twice in the first . Round. He seemed ready to continue the fight when the referee cast his veto after only 2:16.

In the welterweight division, Christopher Guerrero (10-0-0, 5 KOs) undoubtedly had more trouble than expected against Mexican Sergio Herrera (7-4-0, 4 KOs). The Montrealer ultimately won by unanimous decision (79–73, 79–73, 78–74).

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At light heavyweight, Mehmet Unal (8-0-0.7 KOs) celebrated his 31st birthday by defeating Dragan Leppei (22-7-2, 10 KOs) with a combination of right-left hooks that sent the Italian to the floor in the 57th . Second of the first round. Visibly unstable, he was unable to continue and the referee ended the duel.

In the last fight of the undercard, another disciple of Eye of the Tiger Management, Imam Khataev (6-0-0, 6 KOs) easily defeated Pole Michael Ludwiczak (17-) to get his hands on the NABF light heavyweight belt . 12-1, 9 KOs). This man, who nevertheless behaved like a peacock during the official weigh-in, went to the floor for the first time in the second round. Moments later, Khataev landed a flurry of punches and the referee ended the contest at 2:17.