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Will America launch a nuclear attack on Russia?

You have a lot of questions that as long as you have them in your mind, you don’t realize their seriousness. But when someone asks them, everything changes. For example, the question is that if a country starts a nuclear attack, where does it stop? How many people would be killed in a nuclear attack? (America’s secret documents)

In the 21st century, this question hardly comes to anyone’s mind. But there was a time when the whole world feared that a nuclear attack could happen at any time. After all, it only takes a fool to press a button. Today we will tell you an incident when the President of the most powerful country in the world asked this question. The answer to the question was found and it was found that America’s nuclear secret was buried in a pile of garbage. (The Pentagon Papers were leaked)

In the event of a nuclear attack

The story begins in the year 1962. Home of the US President – White House. John F. Kennedy was then the President. These were the days of the Cold War. And after the Cuban Crisis, it seemed that nuclear war was just an arm’s length away. The story of the Cuban Missile Crisis is that the Soviet Union deployed its nuclear weapons in Cuba, after America. Because of this a great crisis arose. In the end, this crisis was averted through diplomacy, but everyone realized how close nuclear war was. In such a situation, one day Kennedy asked his Joint Chiefs,

“If your plan for nuclear war was carried out in a well-planned manner, then how many people would be killed in the Soviet Union and China?”

The meaning of the question is that if America attacks first, how many people will be killed? A few days later, the answer to this question arrived in a secret envelope. The answer is-

“About 27 crore people will die immediately after the attack”.

There is graph paper inside the envelope. Where two lines are made. Months are shown on the X axis. And the number of deaths on the Y axis. The units on the y axis are in lakhs. The graph shows that starting from 27 crore people, this number will reach 32 crore within 6 months. This number is given including Russia and China.

A few days later another envelope arrived. This time the number of 10 crores is added to the graph. People from countries like Sweden, Austria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Japan are also included in this envelope. It is written that at least 10 crore more people will die due to hunger and drought. Exact figures show that in the event of a nuclear attack, 60 crore people in the world would die. And this happened at a time when the total population of the world was about 300 crores. This data is sent from the headquarters of the US Defense Department ie Pentagon. The situation after nuclear war is also described. wrote,

“A nuclear attack will create a state of nuclear winter around the world. Nuclear winter, that is, the smoke from the explosion will cover the sky. And this smoke will not disappear for months. The sunlight will not reach the earth. And the whole world will enter a period of extreme cold. In cold weather. So cold that life will end.”

Secret document

This is common knowledge in the 21st century. But in the 1960s no one realized the reality of a nuclear attack. The world has seen only one nuclear attack. In Japan. Most people think that a city will be destroyed. max. But the truth is that in 1962, America alone had so many nuclear weapons that life in the world could be destroyed. If we add to this Soviet Russia and China, the situation is even worse. It was a secret at the time. Top secret of the highest order. So this thing is hidden from many. However, at the same time, there was a person who wanted to reveal this truth. To let the public know the truth and put pressure on their government.

This man’s name is Daniel Ellsberg. Daniel has a very high post in the Pentagon. In such a high post he had previously seen high profile secret documents. Daniel Ellsberg leaked the Pentagon Papers. The Pentagon Papers, which contain a detailed account of America’s crimes in Vietnam. Daniels is against the Vietnam War. He believes the American public should know about the Pentagon Papers. He photostats the papers. Made several copies of it. And then it was leaked in 1971.

There was a lot of commotion in America after the paper was leaked. The public found out that they were lied to. The American government repeatedly claimed that it was close to winning the Vietnam War. While the reality is that the war has no destination. And young people are losing their lives needlessly. After leaking these papers, there was a lot of pressure on the government and finally in 1973 the US government had to leave Vietnam. The leak of the Pentagon Papers is an embarrassment to the government. That’s why he went after Daniel Ellsberg. Ellsberg could receive a sentence of 125 years in prison. But another scandal saved him.

In fact, when the Pentagon papers were leaked, Richard Nixon was the President of America. This is the same Nixon who called Indira Gandhi an old witch in her private conversations. But, when Nixon said all this, the war of 1971 was going on. Nixon’s star was high. He became President by winning the election with a large majority. And he always sided with Pakistan on the India-Pakistan issue. What was the result of the 1971 war? we know. Nixon had to face hardships and soon his days got worse. Nixon was a big supporter of the Vietnam War. But because of Daniel Ellsberg he had to withdraw the army from Vietnam. In anger, he formed a secret group in the White House against Daniel. This team wire-tapping Daniel’s psychiatrist’s office. So that whatever Daniel tells his psychiatrist, some useful information will be found and used against Daniel.

Nuclear waste secret

Nothing was found against Daniel, on the contrary Nixon was involved in the Watergate scandal. And he had to resign. Water Gate Scandal – Simply put, Nixon abused his power to spy on people. One day, when his henchmen went to spy on his opposition party, they were caught. And Nixon’s actions were known. The allegations that the government later made against Daniel Ellsberg. That too was rejected by the court.

In all this confusion, however, Ellsberg made a mistake. He didn’t just copy the Pentagon Papers. He has a stash of secret documents. Where there is a detailed account of America’s nuclear plans, war plans, military operations carried out by foreign countries, the threat of nuclear weapons displayed by the American government to other countries, etc. Daniel thought of leaking the Pentagon Papers first. To stop the Vietnam War. And save the lives of the innocent. If this happens, I will also leak those nuclear planning papers. But a storm came in the middle. And he ruined all the plans.

Daniel has a younger brother, Harry. Daniel gives the papers to Harry to hide them from the government. That being said, keep it tight. But Daniel didn’t tell Harry what was in those documents. Harry put it in a box and buried it in his garden. Then who knows what was going through Harry’s mind one day. He took the box from the garden and buried it somewhere else. The problem is that the new place where Harry buried the box is the city’s garbage dump. Harry buried the box and placed a gas stove on top of it. Thought it would act as a sign. Harry’s cleverness worked in the beginning. The day Harry changed the location of the box, the FBI people searched his garden. They found nothing. Everything was fine but a big mistake happened.

A few days later, a strong storm hit the city. Because of this the gas stove placed on top of the box blew up. Things went sideways. This means that now it is very difficult to find the place where the box containing the documents was found. Harry was trying hard. One of her friends, Barbara and her husband also supported her. But the documents were not found. Barbara continued to try for about a year. But still unknown. After one year, the municipality came and collected all the garbage and deposited it in the land fill. A concrete building was built over the landfill. And those papers were buried inside him forever. This event disappointed Daniel Ellsberg. But he had nothing in his hand.

Years later he wrote a book, The Doomsday Machine. In this book Ellsberg writes,

“The day I saw the plan to kill more than 50 crore people on that piece of paper, I had only one goal in my life. That I would not allow any such plan to succeed.”

Daniel’s submitted papers were lost in the storm. But these are photocopies. The original papers are in the possession of the government. Which was declassified after many years. And then the world learned that America was planning another massive nuclear attack in the 60s. Unfortunately that plan did not materialize. However, the fear of nuclear war has remained constant ever since.

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