Gustavo Huerta questions his continuity after losing the title

Will Cobresal remain without a coach?: Gustavo Huerta questions his continuity after losing the title
Cobresal had a day to forget this Friday when it lost 1-0 to Unión Española, losing its lead in the table and leaving the trophy to Huachipato. The northern club were at the top for most of the tournament, but they have faltered recently, which has been a major setback for the Gustavo Huerta-led side.

After the defeat, the strategist analyzed the game and pointed to his future as a team leader. The coach initially criticized the referees because a goal was disallowed. “I don’t know (what he calculated), the VAR is supposed to be there for a reason, we often feel favored by a particular situation, today we were injured.” But it’s my duty to blame the referee for a decision to give to those he meets, because sometimes they are for it and sometimes they are against it,” he said at the beginning.

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“This squad and this coaching staff have brought $3.4 million to the club. It is something that should be used to strengthen the team because we all know how our teams performed in the Libertadores. “We don’t want to have a bad time, whether I’m there or not,” he added, showing that his continuity at the club is not assured.

Huerta is unsure whether he should continue in Cobresal

At the conference, the coach was asked about possible reinforcements, but made it clear that he would first have to check whether things would continue like this. “I can imagine why this (squad expansion) wasn’t discussed. “Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself because I don’t know if I’ll continue, but the club has to decide what to do with the squad for next year,” he said.

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Gustavo Huerta has coached 221 games at Cobresal, an institution that he took over in 2017 when they were not even in the First A, and with the help of the strategist they returned to the honor category and fought at national level.