‘Will people who don’t believe in Islam like Mother Teresa go to hell?’: Fugitive Zakir Naik can bring a funny answer

Fugitive Islamist and abominable preacher Zakir Naik Claimed That the Christian evangelist Mother Teresa will go to the world due to her being non-Muslim.

When asked if she would go to the world despite ‘non-Muslim’ and ‘good’ people like Mother Teresa, she replied said, “There are four ways to go to Jannat (heaven). By the token of time, those who are righteous, who claim (Dawah) and who inspire people to patience and perseverance. A minimum of four criteria is necessary for going to heaven. ”

Zakir Naik compared the ‘Four Stages of Jannat’ to subjects taught in the 10th grade. He emphasized that even if one had scored 99 marks in 5 subjects and had succeeded in scoring 10 marks in only one subject, it would have meant that the student had failed. Continuing his irrational argument, Naik claimed that paradise can be attained only on successful completion of all four stages.

(Video Courtesy: Youtube / Zakir Naik)

He said, “Suppose Mother Teresa was righteous. In Islam, the righteous people include many things that I believe Mother Teresa did not have. What about Iman (Faith in Islam)? It is prohibited if it follows Shirk (any religion other than Islam). ”He said that Shirk is a crime according to Islam and Christianity. Naik referred to the Book of Deuteronomy, Book of Exodus and Surah Al Madih in his usual style.

The Islamic preacher who spread hatred claimed that all those who consider Jesus Christ (the son of Mary) as ‘Allah’ will make Jannat ‘Haram’ for him. Zakir Naik quoted Islam as saying, “Fire (jahnum) will be his place of residence and no help will be given to him after that.” She then concludes that Mother Teresa regarded Jesus Christ as God and thus equaled her with ‘Allah’. Therefore, according to the Quran, if someone shirk, be it Mother Teresa or someone else, they will not go to heaven.

Significantly, a video of Zakir Naik went viral in the past, in which he was heard saying that it is forbidden to say Mary Christmas, for this one has to go to Jahnum. In the video The radical Zakir says, “You cannot choose the wrong channel to reach your objective. What is forbidden for them is also forbidden for you. When you greet someone by calling them Mary Christmas, it means that you are accepting that they (Jesus) are children of God and doing so is Shirk (sin). This is because the people there believe that Jesus Christ is the child of God. Whether or not they are part of the processes associated with Christianity, those people celebrate because it is Jesus’ birthday. “