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Will the world end in 2024? This is an apocalyptic movement that is about to come and we were warned almost 500 years ago

Over the centuries, many prophets, scientists, religious people and even travelers have ventured to preach about supposed times. how and when the end of our times. All of them said a world with extreme solar radiation, with a zombie apocalypse, with an alien invasion and even a war or climate debacle caused by humans themselves.

Despite the fact that for a long time men and women of science have put their efforts to find out if climate change, floods, droughts; an earthquake or any natural phenomenon will cause the end of life as we know it It is true that these are conditions which cannot be known and which come from our hands like spices.

On the other hand, though people are dedicated to religion and spirituality they also intend to try to divine or to predict when and what will be the end of the world. Pythonesses and prophets, like Nostradamus, even wrote a whole book full of warnings to previous generations.

In 1555, the French grocer and astrologer Michel de Notre-Dame, better known as Nostradamus, wrote. a 900-page book called “The Prophecies” based on his supposed clairvoyance power that is, see the future. Almost five centuries after this event, his predictions are popular at any time of the year, whether they are true or not.

It is said in its own way Nostradamus predicted tragedies like the rise of Adolf Hitler at the hands of the National Socialist Party of Germany (the beginning of the Nazis), the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the explosion of atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the air attack against the Twin Towers in the United States and even the assassination of Pope John Paul I.

And like many others; He also spoke about the probable times of the end of the world. Failures – for example in 1999, another supposed appointment with fate would be in 2024, when a strong movement with an epicenter in the state of California in the United States sends a cataclysm that will end the planet, as stated in. verse i.

The interpreters of this verse note The twenty-seventh Sun of Taurus goes back to the 20th of May next year the big theater refers to the cities of Los Angeles or Hollywood, or in the state of California, which are known as the home of celebrities and film meccas.

According to interpretations; this phenomenon populates both materially and humanly except that it would be a precursor to a massive volcanic eruption or the total destruction of our planet due to the ecological imbalance generated by these natural disasters.

Experts in geophysics, geology and seismology have been warning for decades Earthquakes or earthquakes are things that cannot be known for the several signs or operations which are recorded in the centers of the Earth. However, it is possible to make some opinions from the constant monitoring of the seismic movements that are noted in certain seismic areas, but only to have preventive measures in case of emergency.

In 2008, after a strong earthquake, experts from the United States Geological Survey reported could be – in effect – the epicenter of one of the most powerful earthquakes in the state of California and all the time more pernicious, because they mean the same thing “Great” (Great).

According to the reason, This huge earthquake would have a magnitude greater than 8 it would last between three and five minutes and would be generated in the San Andreas Fault, which is common in the United States and America, in Mexico, it measures more than one thousand five hundred kilometers and is the geological point where two large tectonic plates meet: the North American and the Pacific. .

Although the area is very seismic and its activity has never stopped a study by the “National Natural Landmarks” Program – of the US government – established that the area of ​​greatest concern to experts is south of the San Andrés Fault, located precisely in the Baja California Peninsula (Mexico), since it has historically had a strong influence. action every 150 years, now it is 300 years since it is manifested and then the accumulation of energy in that part of the fault could be exempted for some time.

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