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Will there be love, health and money?: this is what awaits you in 2023

DTarot has long been consulted to find answers to the future, to know which path to take and even to know whether their partner loves them or not.

The truth is that while cards can be asked these questions, it just doesn’t work that way. Tarot readings are for getting to know yourself more, for conversing in front of the mirror, for even healing, channeling and moving forward.

According to tarot reader Juliana Mendoza, it deals with all these aspects. Whatever it is not related to is related to any evil or dark power, as also mentioned at some point.

If used properly, it can contribute to the processes of development of people.

That’s why Juliana Mendoza shared with us to start this year 2023 vanguard Predictions for each sign in the areas of love, health and finance. That way you can be prepared and focus your energy on getting on, or letting go, if that’s the case.

Remember, you may not identify with predictions because although there are people of the same zodiac sign, we all function as separate and completely different beings. If you want to know more about your predictions, you should consult a specialized tarot reading.


Aries, I see you were going through a very confusing season in 2022. I see many inconclusive situations, as if you are jumping from place to place without a clear direction. This new year that is starting, you are likely to find answers within. There’s an emphasis on seeing yourself in a very concrete way and knowing who you are in the moment, even starting with updating your most basic tastes. who are you today?


Taurus, at times it is difficult for you to see your great inner strength, you do not appropriate all the amazing power that resides in you. At this time, what you are asked to do for this new year is to remember where you really find your strength. Life asks you to make a journey for yourself, where you find the support that you often seek in others and you realize that it has always been in you.


Gemini, when you see that waiting is nothing more than looking at things from another perspective, you will have passed the test of 2022. For 2023, reconnecting with your intuition is waiting for you. There are times when your head goes to the wind because of the need for ideas, and intuition ends up being just another thought. However, this year is a call to realize who you are, what you want, and where you are going. Let your heart guide you!


You learn to manage your emotions, understanding that your emotions react to you, not others. What you think is your interpretation of the situation, not what others are doing to you. This new year that is about to begin begs you a question: How do you show the world the change in your feelings that you have experienced? You are here to heal and be healed.


Leo, personal power is understanding who you really are, beyond how you look. This year, it asks you to connect with a sense of security and who you are. This, with pleasure and joy. Sometimes in trying to please others and being the center of attention, you forget what your essence is. This is the year to turn our eyes to you and see you with all the love with which you see the world.


Sometimes understanding how the world works is one of your needs, especially because you like to follow established rules. Because it can happen in many areas, but you continue to follow the rules literally. This coming year invites you to write your own rules within your own limits. Ask yourself the question, what would you have done if you were not afraid of this 2023? Answer it and do it.


Last year was full of learning, trying new things, discovering who you are. 2023 brings you a very important mission: to love you. You are one of those people who is always available for others. This year has come to remind you that you are the beginning of all the love in your life. So my question to you today is how much permission are you giving yourself to be the lead actress or lead actor?


You have gone through many changes, especially in your relationship with yourself. You come from learning to take care of yourself, even when you wish others would do it for you. Please congratulate yourself for all that you have done. This year’s adventure is cool, because we know you’re always in high tide. Imagine surfing with huge waves. Your challenge is to stand on your feet.


You have gone through very deep transformational processes, where you have had to change your thinking as well. Many of the things you believed in were crumbling. May this new year bring you love. Understanding love as a vibration and as a source of well-being. This year ushers in many blessings, but how willing are you to receive them?


You learn from everything you run away from. You come from discovering how you felt in the middle of the dark, walking past the stores, to being able to see beyond the obvious until you realized the light was in you. Now, you are going to understand the need to surrender to life and surrender your false illusion of control. Let yourself be free of control and trust the passing of existence.

Fish house

You learned to value your abilities, you struggled for a long time to see what your value is and what you share with the world. It’s time to go a little further and recognize that everything you do, which you often think is for someone else, is only for you; Because you love doing it, because it makes you happy. This is the year to enjoy it, to feel the joy of being. But be careful not to overdo it.


You accepted that there are some things you just can’t change. And you finally break free from the control that used to paralyze you. This year asks you to connect with your soul and being, in recognition of where you have been and where you want to go. Listen closely to what your heart tells you because all the answers reside there.

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