Win 40 million euros in PSG, what Inter Miami will offer Messi

Win 40 million euros in PSG, what Inter Miami will offer Messi

Lionel Messi Has Been Wooed By Inter Miami For A Few Months
Lionel Messi has been wooed by Inter Miami for a few months

methods of Lionel messi why psg They will separate at the end of this season. Despite the fact that everything was on track for its renewal until 2024, Leo stalled the talks and it became known in the last few hours George messi, his father, did not accept the latest offer from the Paris club. In this context the Difference Of miami He’s excited about getting it and the money that the world champion will win MLS’s,

Team declare George messi Paris met with management, who presented a new proposal. However, despite the insistence of the French, the father of Max Conqueror of Balloon Of auro (7) did not accept the new conditions. I have pessimism psgBut they will keep on trying to persuade the captain selection Argentinawho recently indicated that he would not withdraw from Albiceleste Back World Of Queue.

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journalist now donor Gill Of ‘World Deportivo‘, indicated that messi He must have changed his mind since he was tempted by the prospect of accepting the offer of Difference Of miami, picture of MLS’s The ‘Flea’ Was Seeking Out Before This Season Started, But Leo Dismissed The Idea Of Traveling States America got included in Because he wanted to reach the best pace of the competition copa Did World developed into half East,

How much can Inter Miami pay for Lionel Messi?

The best player in history earns 40 million euros per season psgAccording to newspaper informationbrand, However, you will receive money in MLS’s It will be very less. if it is assumed Lorenzo insignia best pay States America got included inWith a salary of $14 million, Difference Of miami I could not exaggerate the amount that the Italian gets more. Although it may entice him with the financial compensation offered by North American tournaments for the goals scored.

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