Windcat has expanded the CSOV fleet to five vessels at Damen Shipyards

Windcat has expanded the CSOV fleet to five vessels at Damen Shipyards

Windcat further expanding its fleet of CSOVs by placing an additional order for two units from Damen Shipyards, to complete the five ships and leave the option of acquiring the sixth. This development follows the initial announcement made in November 2022 regarding the construction of a series of ships powered by hydrogen, the Elevation Series.

The series, presented in collaboration between the two companies, has a pioneering design that greatly improves capabilities and flexibility compared to traditional ships. The CSOVs are 87 meters long, 20 meters wide and can accommodate up to 120 people and are equipped with state-of-the-art gangways, cranes, thrusters, hybrid battery technology and offshore cargo capacity.

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CMB.TECH’s dual-fuel hydrogen technology will be implemented with the goal of reducing the CO2 footprint of offshore energy production and operations.

The first three vessels are currently being constructed in Vietnam and will be delivered in 2025. The two additional CSOVs are expected to be delivered in the second and third quarters of 2026.

she director general de Windcat, Willem van der Wel, noted that “the decision to expand the CSOV fleet is consistent with Windcat’s commitment to meet the growing demand for these vessels worldwide and will provide us with greater capacity and flexibility to support industrial customers outside of beach.”

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“One year ago we started an exciting project to build a large series of CSOVs for Windcat. Now, one year later, we are happy to have five CSOVs built. This fact supports our client’s commitment and long-term focus, but also highlights the strong relationship we have and greatly appreciate,” he concluded. Damen’s sales director, Joost van der Weiden.