Window cleaning robots: how they work, the differences between the models and buying advice

It is clear that, when it comes to cleaning the house, the more help we have, the better. This is why technology is seen as a solution to one of the least-loved aspects. Presents, such as cleaning the window panes of the house. Let us know what are window cleaning robots

Cleaning the house is not someone’s hobby, as it is usually a heavy and rewarding job.

We already know that technology helps us with many aspects of home cleaning, such as sweeping the floor with a robotic vacuum cleaner, wiping with people who have this task, or with the latest smart models of handheld vacuum cleaners. Along with vacuuming the entire house.

But there is another part of house cleaning that is quite tedious, such as cleaning the windows. Well, technology companies also give you solutions for that, because they have made window cleaning robots,

This is the issue that concerns us today and which we are going to talk about next, as there are quite a few different models and different prices in the market, which can be a headache when choosing one for our home.

That’s why we’ll look at all the sections we need to keep in mind when buying this type of device, in addition to knowing how they work and what they really are.

What is a window cleaning robot?

The definition is simple, as they are technical tools that allow us to obtain: More efficient cleaning on windows.

It has a suction pump to hold it and they move a microfiber cloth, dry or wet, from which they clean the entire surface.

All this allows to clean windows and glass surfaces of this product efficiently and without falling, The result this type of product gives us is impeccable crystals.

169 Euros on Cecotec Robot Conga WinDroid 870 Connected

How does this work?

The operation is simple, because through suction pump It remains attached to the glass, which allows it to perform its job very efficiently while adhering to the surface of the glass.

Thanks for joining get a great cleaning microfiber cloth, It can be dry or wet, being in charge of achieving a much higher cleanliness than if we did it by hand.

Plus, they guarantee versatility for power clean both dry and wetSo that they can do as we understand.

these tools they work by marking a routeWhich they will continue until they meet the edges of the windows, at which point they will change direction for the sensors they engage.

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Benefits of using a robotic window cleaner

Cleaning the windows of the house is a difficult task which is multiplied negatively if there are large windows or many sliding windows that are even bigger.

There are many advantages of having this type of robot at home which we can sum up in several points.

  • From save timeThe speed at which they clean, but there is little else we can do while the device works on the crystal.
  • they have one great cleaning versatilityBecause they can clean windows, bathrooms and glass doors or tables, among other things.
  • They can clean horizontally and vertically, always do it in smart wayEven using AI.
  • Being always connected to the electrical network, it will never drop, although if the power goes out, almost everyone has a protection system in place and notifies the user. In this a. should also be involved External battery approx 30 minutes of autonomy So that everything can be well controlled.
  • Some models allow Control its operation directly from mobile.

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What to look for when we go to buy a window cleaning robot

we already know that there is many models on the market And that, with so many on offer, it can be more complicated to buy the one that best suits us. This is common to most of today’s tech products.

It can be an advantage, to have so many models, or an insult, to the sheer amount of proposition. It is clear what it is, knowing it can be solved what to look for to buy Best of these tools.


All models run on corded power to keep power maxed out and no sag, but all should still have one backup battery In case of no power at any time.

This is something we need to be careful of. this is the first thing i have rechargeable batteryOtherwise, the chances of it falling increases significantly. and the other is that at least you have 30 minutes of autonomy For giving you enough time to let us know.


Obviously, this is another important aspect that must be taken into account, as its power itself will mark its efficiency.

what is normal and what is more than enough a 70 to 80 W. power of, If you have more, you need to know that it will also consume more light, something that every user should check to see if it compensates for it.

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The faster you clean, the more time you will save and the less power you will consume.

So that the price of the robot does not go to extreme levels, the normal thing is that it cleans 1 square meter approximately every 4 minutes,

Special Features

This is another aspect that must be taken into account, because more possibilities Let’s clean up time best result Last we will use.

in some models special features Which will allow them to be more thorough in their work (with more passes) with the connection of the mobile phone so that we can control it or some special dirt detection system.

All of this will affect the final price of the product, as obviously, the more items you have, the more expensive it will be.

Hobot-288 for 459 Euro

Other things to keep in mind

There are other aspects that we can look into, although they may not be so relevant at first or yes, it all depends on each user.

They are the following:

  • Noise: Obviously this should be as low as possible, but it is also true that this is something that brands have been achieving in recent years, to keep it at fairly acceptable levels.
  • Security System: Most robots have this as standard, but we must be careful, because if it is not there, the chances of falling out of the window increase exponentially.
  • Remote control or mobile: It’s nice that they bring a remote control or they can be controlled via a mobile device, as it gives us more control and versatility.

With everything you’ve been able to read, you will now have all the information you need to choose the window cleaning robot that best suits you and your budget.

What is clear is that this type of device makes our lives easier and leaves the crystal flawless, giving us more time that we can use for other purposes. In short, it makes our lives easier.

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