Windows Insiders Can Now Experience Windows 11’s Artificial Intelligence Copilot


Microsoft revolutionized windows 11 with the advent of co pilot, the new AI-based personal assistant. Designed to replace Cortana, Copilot is now available to Windows Insiders In build 23493. This innovative feature integrates elegantly as a sidebar, without getting in the way of the content, and is designed to improve our daily productivity.

Copilot promises to be very useful for a variety of tasks, such as suggesting playlists on Spotify, summarizing documents, Make quick changes to the operating system (such as switching to dark mode) and even helping us with our daily tasks. Microsoft highlights that CoPilot’s sidebar docks on the right side of the screen as non-intrusive, allowing you to interact with it at any time without interfering with other applications’ open windows.

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who copilot Windows 11 becomes the first PC platform to offer centralized AI-powered support, To facilitate the daily tasks and actions of the users. This new combination reinforces Microsoft’s commitment to implementing artificial intelligence across its ecosystem to provide a smoother and more efficient user experience.

Copilot and Windows 11

Notably, with Windows 11 you can now ask CoPilot to compose a story or provide results from an Excel spreadsheet. This feature provides valuable tools to users who are less familiar with Office applications or other types of applications. Copilot is designed to help you solve questions, problems, and more, and it also allows you to configure it to be a creative, balanced, or precise conversation style. As a valuable source of information, CoPilot is connected to the Internet.

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“With the Bing and ChatGPT plugins on Windows CoPilot, not only will people have access to enhanced AI capabilities and experiences, but you as developers will also have new ways to innovate and reach our shared customers. We invite you to be part of the Windows CoPilot journey and to continue investing in the Bing and ChatGPT plugins so that your investment is transferred to Windows CoPilot,” says Microsoft.

Windows Copilot can do the following:

  • “Switch to dark mode.”
  • Turn on “Do not disturb.”
  • “take a screenshot”
  • “Summarize web page information” (active tab in Microsoft Edge)
  • “write a story”.
  • “Make Draw”.

No release date for all

However, the Windows Copilot release is currently only for developers No specific date for its availability in the consumer version has been announced yet d windows 11.

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