With a dance step and a recitation, Bergara Leumann’s widower made an unusual complaint on the air of a program

With a dance step and a recitation, Bergara Leumann's widower made an unusual complaint on the air of a program

Bergara Leumann’s widower made an unusual request for justice on the air of an event (Video: A la Tarde, America)

Widow this Wednesday afternoon Eduardo Bergara Luman He was a guest on a television program and broke his silence to describe the struggle he is going through because of the legacy of the artist who died on September 5, 2008. it’s almost daniel angelone, who had been in a relationship with the frontman of the Cafe Concert on the Buenos Aires scene for 30 years, and now denounces it for not allowing them to enter the house they share. called neither more nor less than the famous Scenic Museum Angel’s Pharmacy,

Angelone was telling this conflict in the air in the noon (USA) and chose the way he communicates most naturally: artistic expression. And throughout the live, he made an unusual performance that surprised the entire team of the event he organized Karina Mazzoko,

Throughout the interview, Angelone was very shaken and described everything that happened to her since her husband’s death. “It’s a dehumanizing thing that I experienced, completely strong. The media was my support and my strength so that I could continue. At that moment, with Eduardo’s warm body, they lead me out of my house, which was La Botica del ngel, and which is a museum that was my idea.”, he appealed in a tone between nervous and calm.

Daniel Angelone, The Widower Of Eduardo Bergara Leumann, Condemned That He Was Evicted From La Botica Del Ngel, A Museum Founded By The Couple.
Daniel Angelone, the widower of Eduardo Bergara Leumann, condemned that he was evicted from La Botica del ngel, a museum founded by the couple.

Similarly, Angelone pointed to two of Bergara’s first cousins ​​and accused them of ousting her, in addition to appropriating the artist’s fate: “They joined in and thought they were the heirs, there is another part of the family that agreed with me.”, he indicated.

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On the other hand, he explained that he never talked about inheritance with the artist, as talking about money and material issues seemed “too superficial”. ,He was totally annoyed by this type of thing, imagine he would get angry with anyone who would call him to sell a product.”, he elaborated as an example.

And after turning over all the documents presented to the court with his claim, the artist got up from his chair, asked the host to move away from the center of the set of the show and began to recite loudly and theatrically. “Salute to the girl, the noble compatriot has arrived! That she! I invite you, the judges, to dance a tanguito for us. You with your little organ, ha ha ha, and I with my bandoneons because we’re all about to carve into this Argentine deck, porteo, vigilante and fighters”, he began by saying this.

According To Daniel Angelone, Two Cousins ​​Of Eduardo Bergara Leumann, &Quot;They Thought They Were Heirs, But There'S Another Part Of The Family That Agrees With Me
According to Daniel Angelone, two of Eduardo Bergara Leumann’s cousins ​​”thought they were heirs, but there is another part of the family that agreed with me”.

,And you do not exist, open the ground for this servant of justice and for Argentina, for a fair and equal Argentina for all. I love you, Edward, I love you!”, Angelone concludes by shouting and adding devotion to his remembered partner and as if he were in a real milonga, in front of the stunned eyes of everyone in the studio.

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,He wants to express himself and he does it through art, which he knows how to do and which he has always done. This is his way of expressing his anger, frustration, fury and many more things that he is experiencing”, closed Mazzoko as if to give an outline of what he had experienced on his program.

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