With futurologist Daniel Lim, Colombia 4.0 begins, three days of technology, innovation and digital transformation

With futurologist Daniel Lim, Colombia 4.0 begins, three days of technology, innovation and digital transformation

Talking about entrepreneurship, creativity and technology to connect the country from the regions, Colombia 4.0 began, the great summit of the country’s digital ecosystem. This edition is focused on Artificial Intelligence, and since the morning a wide range of speakers have been presented, all of them high level and with a rich academic agenda.

The Vice Minister of Digital Transformation, Sindey Carolina Bernal, opened this three-day technology. “I invite you to work together to create development in this new era together, to be the protagonists of the digital transformation of the country. What better space than Colombia 4.0, a place where innovation and the digital ecosystem will rule the roost“, he pointed out.

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The Vice Minister emphasized to the attendees the importance of working as a team to focus efforts and create resources that respond to the needs of the territories. To this we must add the importance of promoting the digital ecosystem and thinking of Colombia as a digital power: “This summit is the focus and opportunity to identify strategic allies that will help us build the country.“.

The opening conference was given by Daniel Lim, futurologist and senior director of Salesforce Futures, with his main focus on the implications of Artificial Intelligence in the technology industry and society in general.

Lim, who is a member of the World Economic Forum’s AI platform, where he leads the ethical and responsible technology initiative, emphasized that regulations by governments are important to control the use of artificial intelligence: “It should be used as a social good, to contribute to society“.

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In his conference, the director of Salesforce also spoke about the progress that countries have when “We allow artificial intelligence to work and stop being a passive tool, we ensure that a content creation platform performs specific actions.“.

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Where you can download the agenda for each of the conferences and events that will take place from November 29 to December 1 in Corferias.