With its first modular plant, Argos has already built 300 houses in Colombia

With its first modular plant, Argos has already built 300 houses in Colombia

This year, Cementos Argos has implemented, from the concrete modular plant, housing and industrial projects covering more than 50,000 m2, represented by the construction of 12 buildings and the mezzanines of a production plant that has ultra-advanced concrete elements.

This plant, the most modern of its type in Latin America, began operations in January 2023, with an investment of $24,000 million and became the first production center in Colombia to manufacture structures of this type.

The plant, located in Cajicá, Cundinamarca, has 12,000 square meters and creates 150 direct jobs and more than 500 indirect jobs.

It is focused on the production and assembly of modular elements, especially large format, using off-site systems, cutting-edge technology used in countries such as Japan, China, Sweden and the United States United States.

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“With this new construction system, the main elements of a house or apartment (such as walls etc.) are not built directly on site, but are prefabricated in the plant and then transported to the site built in the project”, they explained from Argos.

With the results obtained this year, the company plans to increase its operation by 100% by 2024.

“Modular solutions in particular change the implementation of the traditional structure and constitute a disruptive commitment to the technology of construction systems, with high performance, efficiency and income, in addition to the possibility of reducing the construction hours up to 50%. Horacio Yusty, vice president of Colombia Regional at Cementos Argos.

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The off-site construction offered by Soluciones Modulares Argos SAS is an advanced method that allows the structure to be divided into individual elements made in fixed or temporary facilities.

Afterwards, they are brought to the construction site and assembled to form the complete project structure.

“With this system, the critical activities of the construction process are transferred to a factory with a controlled environment and processes. It facilitates industrial production, transportation and assembly, which allows us to control the overall quality of the structure, reducing the amount of waste, improving sustainability practices and integrating the construction value chain,” added Santiago Duque, director of Modular Solutions. in Cementos Argos.

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