With Sbarro, so far this year, we have sold 100,000 slices of pizza

Places called Sbarro Pizzeria in Colombia

The convenience business of Terpel Organization recently closed sales of $76,000 million by 2022 with 132 Shop Altoque which is available at the national level; In 2023, they hope to increase the number after reaching the representation of the Sbarro brand, which is not new for Colombia but did not have a good first season.

Alejandra Londoño, head of the Sbarro brand and vice president of convenience services at Terpel discussed the choice of pizza for business expansion and the goals of the traditional American chain. Even the successes they achieved in less than a year in terms of sales.

How did Sbarro go with the return of the brand but now under the management of Terpel?

It is a brand present in more than 26 countries, with 300 stores worldwide, So people in Colombia have received it very well, and many people know the brand.

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In the city stores where we have Sbarro, the least we did was double sales, and in the street stores a growth of 30% to 40%. Now we have 11 pizzerias, this year we have the budget to build three and it’s so good that we have 11. The addition of the Sbarro brand to our Altoque brand is not a small thing.

What is your project for 2024?

We will end the year with 16 points. Next year we will probably reach 40 pizzerias and we want to be an important player in that segment.

How much is the investment per pizzeria?

On average, the investment in a pizzeria is $700 million, most of these resources are in the ovens. Ovens are the heart of a pizza operation and it is clear that we have needs for those with higher quality, so I would say that 80% of that investment is an oven.

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In adapting the shops you don’t need to create a giant shell and that makes the business more efficient and attractive, because we already have places, we just adapt the pizza places and it’s not building from scratch because otherwise. it is still a high investment, So the fact that Altoque is already there makes it a very efficient investment.

Why did you choose pizza?

One of the strategic growth pillars for Terpel is convenience ​​​​​​​​​and we are looking for how we can continue to support the portfolio of our Altoque brand We found that the pizza format has improved a lot in terms of convenience because it is a product that travels very well, multi-stratum and multi-target.

What characteristics should be present in the use of the brand?

I think that this format of displaying pizzas and being able to get part of them, immediately, is well received by the consumer. So far this year, we have sold more or less 100,000 slices or portions of pizza so far and we have almost 25,000 per month.

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Does Terpel have a franchise?

Yes, we have a franchise in Colombia, we not only operate the brand for service stations but also the entire territory. then we tend to leave branded stations.

Which city is Sbarro?

This year we are concentrating on Bogotá and Barranquilla, last week we opened Cartagena. At the end of the year we will open Cali. Medellín is the fifth city, but let’s say that Cali, Cartagena, Barranquilla, and Bogotá will be the center of growth for Terpel’s pizza format at the moment.