With solar roof and battery: Tesla plans first supercharger with new V4 charging stations in Arizona


There have been increasing signs for a few weeks now that Tesla is planning a new generation of Supercharger columns after the V3 version introduced in 2019. In documents from the United States discovered by an expert observer, they are sometimes referred to as V4 and sometimes “optional” superchargers and appear to be capable of charging other brands of electric cars. is designed for. What they actually look like and how Tesla organizes external charging in its home country may soon become clear, as plans have now surfaced for what might be the world’s first with a V4 supercharger.

Supercharger with 40 V4 Column in Arizona

They were published last week by Twitter supervisor @MarcoRPTesla, who continues to find Supercharger plans across the US. In early July, he discovered the first signs of the V4 generation, which would also fit with CEO Elon Musk’s announcements that charging should be even faster at Tesla. At first it figured out @MarcoRPTesla that the new supercharger would get two cables, one for their own brand and another with a CCS connector for electric cars. Later, however, a plan diagram appeared indicating that the new Tesla columns are higher than the previous ones, but have only one cable.

However, due to a different arrangement, the cable is longer, which could be a step toward opening it up to other brands – not all electric cars have a charging port on the rear left side like Teslas, for which a shorter cable would suffice. it occurs. Supercharger. Last week @MarcoRPTesla also planned what he believes will be Tesla’s first supercharger location worldwide with a V4 column: a new station with 40 charging stations in the US state of Arizona – and the column for the first should be no different. The left edge of each of these squares, but rather the middle.

As has recently been the case with the new Tesla Superchargers, a photovoltaic roof is planned for the location in Yuma County in sunny Arizona, according to @MarcoRPTesla from the plan. A Tesla Megapack, ie a large stationary battery, has to be added to store the power. CEO Musk had already announced in June 2017 that over time all superchargers would be switched to solar and battery power. Almost everyone shouldn’t even have a network connection in the long run, he explained.

The performance at Tesla probably just isn’t growing

Not that far yet. Similarly, for the time being, V4 superchargers do not bring the increase in charging power that CEO Musk announced in June 2021. The Tesla boss stated that the steps should increase to a maximum of 350 kW when the first Model S Plaid was delivered, and a month later to 300 kW initially confirmed. As per @MarcoRPTesla, with V4 such enhancement is not currently pending. To the best of his knowledge, Tesla will remain at 250 kW for the time being, he wrote in early September. The focus of the V4 is going to open towards other electric car brands. It’s also pending in the United States, but it’s more complicated than in Europe as Tesla continues to use proprietary charging plugs and sockets at home instead of CCS.