With three penalties, Qatar is a two-time champion of the Asian Cup

With three penalties, Qatar is a two-time champion of the Asian Cup

The Qatar team defeated Jordan, one of the great surprises of the championship, in regulation time, which eliminated the great powers from this tournament, but ultimately could not achieve the feat and fell just minutes away from glory.

Qatar’s dominance in the first half led to them being awarded a penalty in the 20th minute, which was taken awkwardly by ‘Magician’ Akram Afif, but he eventually managed to beat a shot past goalkeeper Yazid Abu Laila. This made traveling to Qatar easier.

However, from the second half onwards, Jordan responded and managed to show dream football with class, with great skill they managed to put the visitors’ goal on paper twice, and even Also came close with a back heel and bicycle kick. Shirt 9, Abdurisag, who was close to making the tie.

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However, the efforts were successful and eventually, the great goal came from the number 11 shirt, Yazan, who was left alone in front of the goalkeeper after a cross from the right area. The mark was missed by Ismail Mohammed, wearing Qatar’s number 17 shirt, who had just entered the field of play. Yazan turned and found himself in front of the goal and shot past the goalkeeper.

However, a few minutes after the goal, Ismail himself scored a penalty in favor of Qatar, after a careless entry of Mahmoud, Jersey 13. The game was reviewed by the central whistler in VAR and the maximum penalty was determined.

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Afif was in charge of taking a penalty for the second time, and from eleven steps, at minute 73. The second penalty was a powerful shot to the right of the goalkeeper. Although he stopped before his execution, the magician did not fail and led his team to victory.

In the end, a controversial play in which Afif was offside ended in front of the goalkeeper and the goalkeeper gave a third penalty, leading to the 11th team decision to end the game. With this, he became the top scorer of the tournament by scoring eight goals. Additionally, he was the top assister on goals with seven assists, leading Qatar to its second Asian Cup.

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