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Without Davis until 2023… is it time to play ‘everything for everything’?

  • « Do we quit Westbrook being Westbrook again? Oklahoma MVP I mean.”
  • ,no no no. They may be a little epic, but the truth is I see it badly for them (the Lakers). I can’t tell you anything else.”

With this excerpt we end the topic of ‘What will happen now with the Los Angeles Lakers’ In the final chapter of the podcast, now that they’re in LA, they face a few weeks (maybe months… maybe the entire season) without Anthony Davis, their most qualified player of the past thirty days, performing like the MVP and main argument for the team. to rejoin the play-in train.

Without him and until he returns, the Los Angeles dressing room will try to add as little loss as possible and make his injury seem less significant. For now, one close win (against the Wizards) and two losses with very bad feelings (Sun and Kings) and in which they fell to a beating.

December January

Next month’s calendar – it’s hard to find an affordable opponent this NBA – is kind: Orlando, Charlotte (x2), Atlanta, Miami (x2), Dallas, Sacramento, Houston … those are the games that ‘The Lakers Without Davis’ ‘ can win, or at least they have the tools to do so.

Given this scenario, two options are drawn.

First, the most conservative and least audacious, trying to weather the storm, praying for a quick return from La Ceja and gritting your teeth as best you can until that day is over, adding a few wins to the box and on the break is coming. All-Star still with options to eliminate regular season in the top ten in the West.

The second is to leave Pandora’s world and accept that any James Cameron CGI is more realistic than the immediate future where victory is the main thing in El Segundo headlines. For this, several miracles must happen, including the late Westbrook, either as a starter or as a sixth man. A formula that might work in one match, maybe three; Beyond that, it is difficult to imagine the success of such a hypothesis if the Lakers opt for stagnation.

pick up the phone!

If since the beginning of October there were already many asking for change and the butcher and agile Rob Pelinka on the winter market, the urgency of strengthening the squad should emerge as the sole priority if they are not to That the only incentive left for LBJ is to count the games he’s missing from here until the summer to see when he overtakes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Event player score Media
1 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 38.387 24,6
2 Lebron James* 37.686 27,1
3 karl malone 36.928 25
4 Kobe Bryant 33.643 25
5 Michael Jordan 32.292 30,1

The Lakers don’t have much wiggle room to rob the bank, and their options are two ways. In one they have Russell Westbrook. not in the other.

  • they live with westbrook: in this case they have no choice but to get rid of one or two ending in With high contracts such as Patrick Beverley (13M) and Kendrick Nunn (5.2) – his third running out High-priced Looney Walker (6.4M) would be a mistake – and getting a few more related pieces in exchange for lightening the wage bill of another franchise in need of getting away from the luxury tax.

What to ask in return? Good defensive shooter. LeBron’s favorite combo and how he got to his last ring while on the bubble.

  • transfer to westbrookKing of : ending in, 47 million dollars.

The one who gets it becomes clear as day (Sensation! Sensation! Sensation!, Not only do they get the flexibility for 2023-24 with which franchise player to sign, but they do it till the end of the season point guard Interesting still that this too, who knows, may get renewed downstream. Focused, Russ remains a player more than suitable for almost any unit, and as happened with Carmelo Anthony, once he accepted he was no longer a star, he was the first sword he took on the court. making the most of your time without abusing it Experiment and forced shots.

In December, he doesn’t even attempt three triples per game (so there are only three triples he will miss); He has recovered his rebounding prowess, assists as usual (8.7), and shoots over 40% from the field. We are not going to find out about the juice now. with the good and the bad.

Bradley Beal moment?

Giving juice, on the other hand, fulfills the obligation to equalize salaries, so here, again, two avenues open up: multiple role players (3 and D) or a major star with an equivalent payroll.

And here comes Bradley Beal. from almost a trading card for Westbrook, in athletic They start speaking as a serious alternative. Although there have also been writes about the possible return of Kyle Kuzma crypto.comSo go find out.

But the talk about Biel and the Lakers, a rumor we’ve been feeding off for years until we reached morbid obesity, makes more sense than ever, even if its recent renewal might make us, at first, think otherwise. inspires to.

  • your no-transfer clause, This addition was requested by Beal in his 5-year, $251 million deal last July. It’s hard to count how many times Biel has hinted how much he’d love to wear gold and purple. The choice to play with LeBron and Davis and finally fight for something big. Stream won’t be a problem.
  • wizard, via, The tourniquet against the Suns was nothing more than a dressing after ten games without stopping the bleeding. An exciting start to the campaign has resulted in a collapse into a void from which it will now be impossible for them to recover. Porzingis is signing his best basketball on offense since the Knicks and it still isn’t enough for him. Beal has lost 12 of 33 (a lot) games. Nevertheless, while he has been there, the Wizards have a record of 8 wins and 13 losses. Not even with him, and he’s shooting better than ever in his career (52.2% on field goals) despite not finding rhythm in shooting from three (32.3%).

    In 2025 (the year Kuzma and Porzignis’ contracts expire), the Wizards could restart the project from the ground up and completely reset the bases.

  • ribbon in the lakers, Without being the best option, it would be a good option (at least more logical than DeRozan’s). He is a shooting guard who has the ability to produce without accumulating too much ball. He has the ability to create his shots efficiently. He is a good three shooter in catch and shoot. He has been a three-time All-Star (2018, 2019 and 2021).

    to his rescue? Let us recall these statements of yours from October 2021 about some of your goals for the coming years:

    « You fight to win the MVP, try to enter the defensive quintet first or at least be on the list. Those are my goals.”,

    Wes Unseld had already made it clear last year that with the offensive talent the Wizards had acquired, he was looking to relieve Beal of some of his attacking responsibilities so he could save his energy to defend more and better. It was relatively successful; Beal, it is true, improved his ratio of attacking fouls taken from opponents and chained several displays of merit where he was seen compromising on brand and assignment changes. but net rating He was what he was and is: Wizards attack better and defend worse when he steps on the parquet floor.

  • Assignment or Project, Going for Beale is a sacrifice and a big bet in the medium term. The Lakers will be bound hand and foot for many years, so they should be confident that this is the move that will return them to the elite while the sport still goes on. Prime Until LeBron James’s semi-eternal and Anthony Davis’ bouts of infirmity subside.

John Hollinger, whose rumors usually aren’t limited to rappers, says the Westbrook-Beale trade is starting to become a very real option. To end this, the Lakers would have to include future first-round picks in the draft. Maybe two (2027 and 2029). Zach Lowe has joined the rumours, insider From ESPN,

ras beel agreement

If that happens, the Lakers will have new reasons for hope and break a Big Three that has never advanced past the Big Joke.

At 29, Beal has gas left in the lighter to continue playing his best basketball for the four and a half years that will remain on his contract for the maximum. In Washington, meanwhile, they will be closing a book that has been open for too long. It cannot be said that he did not try to the end with the Wall-Biel duo and then he insisted once again with Russ-Biel, the two protagonists of this post, who worked together from time to time.

The transfer market will definitely close for the current season on February 9, 2023. There all the teams will have decided what they want to be. The Warriors have a similar grudge with the loss of Stephen Curry and are already planning to retaliate. in the case of the Lakers if the tail of the lion or mausanyama head,

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