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Wow, this is really essential for you to know, to make a sponge cake, you only need 3 ingredients and without a developer, you can make it.

The ingredients are easy, you don’t even have 10 thousand capital, you can make your own sponge cake at home.

So, if you don’t believe me, just check out the recipe and how to make this 3-ingredient sponge cake without a developer.

Ingredients – Ingredients:

– 12 tbsp granulated sugar (you can add more if you like it sweeter)

– 3 medium-sized chicken eggs

– 120 grams all-purpose flour or 12 tablespoons

how to make :

  1. First, we prepare a bowl and then we put granulated sugar in the first bowl, then we add the chicken eggs
  2. Next, we mix the two ingredients, starting with a new low speed to high speed, here is the mixer until the dough turns white and has no marks.
  3. If you have mixed the flour and the last ingredients of the mixer until well mixed, do not mix it for a long time, if you have mixed then do not forget the edges.
  4. Texture without a developer is the same as using a developer
  5. We continue to make it more beautiful, we give pandan paste or green dye, it is optional, take a little flour to use as a shape later, and add pandan paste again.
  6. Prepare a tulban pan, then we spread it with butter so that it does not stick, then first add more flour, now at the end we shape to make more of the dough, decorate it according to taste.
  7. And then we steam it until it expands, if it’s cooked, you can pick it up and take it out of the pan.
  8. You can cut it while it’s hot, but it’s best to cut it when it’s at room temperature so that there are no crumbs.
  9. Sponge ready to serve

Guys, it’s very easy, it doesn’t have to be made, in addition to the green color, you can also make brown sponge cake, which means changing the food color to brown.


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