Woman allegedly tried to kill her husband over postcards of a woman he dated in the 60s

Woman allegedly tried to kill her husband over postcards of a woman he dated in the 60s

71-year-old Florida woman is in jail for trying to kill Bertha Yalter Husband receives a postcard from an ex-girlfriend he dated in the 1960s According to officials.

The woman now faces serious charges in Florida and has been arrested attempted second-degree murder, aggravated assault and witness or victim tampering.

The couple, together for nearly 52 years, lived in North Miami Beach, a quiet town on the Eastern Shores, until tragedy struck on January 28, Law & Crime reports.

The incident began when police responded to a distress call from a man identified as Yalter’s husband, who reported that his wife had tried to take his life. Upon reaching home, the agents They found the victim in a very critical condition, bleeding from serious injuries, wounds and bite marks on her body.

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Attempted strangulation

According to police sources, the attack took place after receiving a postcard from an ex-girlfriend 60 years ago. This unexpected contact enraged Yalter According to the husband’s statements given to the authorities, an attempt was made to suffocate him with a pillow. The woman may have also snatched the phone from her husband and stopped him from talking.

Part of the violent confrontation was recorded on a cell phone, providing crucial evidence for the case.

During the bond hearing, defense attorneys for the father and son, Jeffrey and Diego Weiner, sought to reduce the charge to domestic battery by strangulation to murder. Despite this effort, Miami-Dade County Judge Ellen Sue Wenzer upheld the more serious charges, Arguing that attempted suffocation with a pillow could conceal a possible attempted murder.

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They try to minimize the charges

In a telephone interview with Law & Crime, Jeffrey Weiner rejected the allegations, The duration of the marriage and the regret expressed by the victim were highlighted.

“The main thing here is: This is a couple who has been married for 51 years. The police blew this matter out of proportion. Our client’s husband said he is absolutely fine. That he regrets this argument. And he regrets what happened,” the lawyer told the media.

Weiner said the attempted murder charge was “absurd”. He also expressed confidence that the case will be resolved quickly and amicably, although the final hearing on bail is scheduled for February 1.

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Although a Florida woman’s defense argues she didn’t actually try to kill him, a state prosecutor denied that suffocation with a pillow could have caused the man’s death. On the other hand, the prosecutor said that apparently the woman also urinated on her husband.

The exact contents of the postcard that led to the tragedy have not yet been revealed, leaving the community in suspense ahead of this dramatic event.