Woman arrested for murdering her baby: She put him in a burning oven to make him take a nap

Woman arrested for murdering her baby: She put him in a burning oven to make him take a nap

The incident occurred in Missouri, United States when police responded to an emergency report of a child not breathing. However, when rescue workers reached the spot, they found a horrifying scene.

According to the police, 26-year-old woman Maria Thomas burnt her one-month-old baby by putting it in a burning oven at home. In his statement, Thomas explained to authorities that the incident occurred unintentionally because he was trying to put the little girl to bed for a nap and confusing the kitchen with the girl’s room and the oven with the crib. Was.

In court records, it was revealed that the child’s grandfather had received a call from the mother, informing him that their child was not well. When he reached home, he smelled a strong smell of smoke and the girl was lying unconscious in her crib. However, paramedics also found the little girl severely burned and her clothes melted into her diaper. The child was declared dead at the scene.

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According to DailyMail, a friend of Thomas declared that the woman had mental problems and “her mentality was not that of an adult, she thought like a child.”

What did the police say?

Police released a statement announcing that the woman had already been taken into custody and would be charged with endangering the welfare of a minor and causing the death of her daughter. Furthermore, the prosecutor in the case expressed regret over this fact, saying:

“We thank all of the first responders and prosecutors who responded to the scene for the filing of these charges. We recognize the horrific nature of this tragedy and our hearts are overwhelmed by the loss of this precious life. “We are confident that the criminal justice system will respond appropriately to these terrible circumstances.”

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