A woman crashed her car into a wall Tuesday after narrowly escaping an attack in Florida where people threatened her with firearms.

The woman was not hurt after hitting the wall of the house when he survived an attempted assault in the commune of La Florida.

According to police information, the victim was traveling with her sister on Enrique Olivares Street when her vehicle stopped on the outskirts of a business complex, when she was intimidated by a gun-wielding assailant who forced her to exit. Compelled to. Mobile. ,

The victim accelerated her car and was followed for a few meters by the stranger who eventually gave up on committing the crime. Meanwhile, the woman panicked and while trying to escape hit the wall of a house while making a turn.

The victim herself narrated in detail what had happened, who thought that a truck which was at the same place and moving at the same time was also part of the alleged criminal gang.

In the police scene, this truck appears to have been next to the victim, having nothing to do with it and merely following the person responsible. The driver, Enrique Soto, criticized the slowness of municipal security and the Carabineros because, according to his statement, they tracked him for about an hour until the crowd allowed him to follow the assailant’s trail.

Captain Ernesto Acuña, patrol officer for the Santiago Cordillera province, indicated that the victim was not injured.

In place, neighbors made a statement and security cameras were reviewed to obtain the characteristics of the person responsible and his subsequent arrest.