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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

‘Women were also included in the mob that killed Rinku Sharma, if the knife did not come out then sunk in the back’

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Bajrang Dal activist Rinku Sharma was brutally stabbed to death in Mangolpuri area of ​​Delhi. Rinku to be built in Ayodhya Ram temple He was also playing an active role in the ongoing fundraising campaign.

The family of the deceased Told How late Wednesday night, a crowd of 20-25 people barged into his house with sticks, sticks and knives and beat up family members. He drags Rinku Sharma out of the house and knocks him down. He was then brutally stabbed with a knife.

Recalling the horrific incident, Bajrang Dal national social media chief Rakesh Pandey told Opindia that women were also in the frenzied attack crowd.

After entering the house, the mob attacked Rinku Sharma’s family members with sticks and sticks. He also allegedly leaked a gas cylinder. Meanwhile, Rinku Sharma tried to escape from there. After which some of the crowd grabbed Rinku and attacked him with a sharp knife.

Speaking to Sudarshan News, Rinku Sharma’s brother said that the murdered five Muslim brothers along with their children, wife and other family members barged into her house and together they killed all the family members and her brother ( Rinku) was killed on his own.

Bhai said that his family had also threatened his family earlier due to an event organized for the Ram temple by the Muslim brothers. All of them live in Mongolpuri and were opposed to the slogans and programs of Shri Ram.

Another Bajrang Dal activist told Opindia that the knife with which Rinku Sharma was killed was stabbed in his back. The accused probably tried hard to get the knife out of his back with the intention of stabbing him again. But they failed. He then mercilessly pushed the knife further into Rinku’s back. Due to which Rinku was seriously injured. He then fled. Blood-soaked Rinku was admitted to Sanjay Gandhi Hospital in Mongolpuri. He died around 12 noon on Thursday.

Let us tell you that Rinku used to work as a lab technician in a hospital in Paschim Vihar. According to Rinku’s mother Radha Devi, even during the stabbing, her son Jai Sriram Was raising slogans of Rinku was on the radar of the neighborhood Muslims, as he also took out a rally with slogans of Jai Shri Ram in the area after the Bhoomi Pujan of the Ram temple in August.

Talking about the Delhi Police’s statement of ‘opening restaurants close to each other’, Rakesh Pandey said, “I don’t know what the Delhi Police is saying.” But if the matter was so easy and there was no communal angle in the incident then there would not have been much anger among Hindus in the area. The police is trying to divert the media attention from the case. ”

Additional DCP S Dhama from Outer Delhi confirmed the arrest of the 4 accused, telling the media, “Rinku Sharma was stabbed at a birthday party in Mangolpuri on 10 February. The clash was triggered by the closure of a restaurant. It is wrong to murder for any other purpose. ”

Earlier, Rinku of Sudarshan News Father Ajay Sharma, while giving information about the brutally murdered murder of his son, had said, “He (the accused) was armed with sticks and knives.” They killed my son. He was gone forever. ” Ajay Sharma also said, “A similar incident had happened earlier on the Ram temple issue. After this, the culprits abused PM Modi and said that Rinku is associated with BJP. ”

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