Women’s World Cup: Spain, world champion after defeating England

Women's World Cup: Spain, world champion after defeating England

Pure history! It was enough for Spain to win England by the narrowest of margins to be declared champions of the Australia and New Zealand 2023 Women’s World Cup.

A clear dominance was not recognizable, both teams had their respective chances in a highly dynamic game back and forth. However, The Spaniards found a chance to attack in the 29th minute through Olga Carmona, who fired a shot from the left wing to beat goalkeeper MaryEarps.

Earlier, the Leonas had made a collective move that allowed them to reach the Spanish box and it was Lauren Hamp who unleashed a shot from mid-range that eventually smashed into the top post, the most dangerous thing for Sarina Wiegman in the game had first half. .

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In the second 45 minutes, La Roja continued with the same intensity and the arrivals started quickly with intention, In the 68th minute, a very lucky game ensued in Spain’s favour, after Keira Walsh touched the ball with her hand, resulting in a penalty. However, Earps became a hero for a moment after stopping Jenifer Hermoso’s boot shot.

The latter encouraged the Lionesses to increase their courage and achieve Catalina Coll’s goal more often. However, the Spanish keeper watched all shots and unleashed them with class, parrying most of them and, fortunately for the Iberians, the British attackers also lacked accuracy.

But the good moment that the English lived on the field was very fleeting and little by little Spain recovered from that missed penalty. In the closing stages of the game, Jorge Vilda’s players became more proactive up front and used the advantage of having more possession to frustrate the blue-clad players who couldn’t match La Roja’s tactical play.

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In this way Spain obtained its first World Cup, in addition to the peculiarity of being champion team in all categories: U17, U20 and the highest, the first two won in 2022, plus this title acquired today.

Spain England
will carry

23 Catalina Coll


2 Ona Batlle
4 Irene Paredes
14 Laia Codina
(73′ Ivana Andres)
19Olga Carmona


6 Aitana Bonmatí
3 Teresa Abelleira
10 Jennifer Nice


17 round dawn
(60′ Oihane Hernandez)
18 Salma Paralleluelo
8 Marion Caldentey
(89′ Alexia Putellas)

will carry

1 Mary Earps


5 Alex Greenwood
6 Millie Bright
16Jessica Carter


4 Keira Walsh
10 Ella Ann Toone
(86′ Bethany England)
2 Lucia Bronze
8Georgia Stanway


9Rachel Daly
(46′ Chloe Kelly)
11 Lauren Hemp
23 Alessia Russo
(46′ Lauren James)

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