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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Work from home proved to be a boon for Google, save 00400 crores a year

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Since last year, almost every company has started working from the home model due to the coronavirus outbreak. This is a model that no one thinks of working with. But now work from home has become the new norm. But did you know that the world’s largest technology companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter first created this system. Now a new report has emerged, according to which Google has saved more than 1 1 billion (about Rs 7,400 crore) due to work from the home model.

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Save company money on these things
Because of the epidemic, Google employees did not usually travel as much as the company spent. At the same time, the company’s publicity and entertainment spending also declined compared to the same period last year, which has resulted in Google saving 268 million (about Rs 1,980 crore). If the company believes so, it is possible only and only because of Kavid-19. At the same time, if these expenditures are calculated annually, it would be more than বিল 1 billion (about Rs 7,400 crore). In other words, the company has saved so much money throughout the year because of Covid-19.

Coron grows Google’s business
Because of the epidemic, people were at home, during which time they used the Internet the most. The effect of which is displayed on Google, leaving about 34 percent of Google’s revenue. On the other hand, if we calculate revenue from the concept of “save money, make money”, this revenue can be very high.

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Google plans to open this office
The company plans to resume work from the office later this year. Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat told investors that the company plans to call people to the office through a hybrid model, where the number of employees coming to the office will be lower than before.


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