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World Brain Tumor Day 2022: Pay attention to these early signs of brain tumor in youth

Celebrated every year on 8 June since 2000, World Brain Tumor Day is observed to raise awareness about brain tumors and to educate people and pay tribute to those affected by it. Brain tumors are lumps or growths of abnormal cells that form in a young person’s brain or nearby tissues and structures and there are several different types of brain tumors, some of which are benign (non-cancerous) and Others that are cancerous (malignant).

The brain is encased in a thick bone called the skull, which is necessary to protect the brain, but if a tumor grows in the brain, it attaches itself to the confined space in the skull and as the tumor grows, it becomes part of the brain. Increases pressure. that causes symptoms. Most brain tumors are non-cancerous but regardless of their nature, they all cause pressure inside the brain.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr. Anurag Saxena, HOD and Consultant – Department of Neurosurgery at HCMCT Manipal Hospital in Dwarka, New Delhi, shared, “One of the most common symptoms of brain tumor among youth is headache especially in the morning. which is also accompanied by nausea and vomiting. This headache may be an early sign of increased pressure inside the brain. In addition, the first attack of epilepsy or seizures may also be an early sign of a brain tumor in the younger generation that is inside the brain. Caused by irritation.

He said, “A gradual decline in vital senses like partial hearing, vision or even smell can be a potential warning sign of a brain tumor. These early symptoms are quite visible in CPE brain tumors that over time can damage the body. Most people ignore these rumors in the early stages, including twitching on one side of the face or weakness and paralysis on one side of the body.

According to Dr VP Singh, President, Institute of Neurosciences at Medanta Hospital, Gurugram, “The common early symptoms caused by increased intracranial pressure in the brain are headache, vomiting, visual disturbances, nausea and behavioral disturbances. Failure to thrive, inactivity, fatigue, frequent headaches, tingling or weakness in the arms, and irritability in young children and young people. And in advanced cases, the patient loses control over urine and stool. All of these symptoms are related to the pressure exerted by the tumor in the brain.”

Bringing her expertise to the same level, Dr. Nitisha Goel, Consultant, Neurology at Paras Hospital, Gurugram reveals, “The signs and symptoms of a brain tumor in a young man vary greatly depending on the type, size, location and rate of growth of the tumor. There are. , Some signs and symptoms can be difficult to recognize because they are similar to those of other diseases. Common symptoms include headaches that become more frequent and severe over time, a feeling of pressure in the head, headaches that are worse in the morning, or worsen when lying down, unexplained nausea or vomiting, and vision problems that occur unexpectedly. Like double vision. ,

They concluded, “Other signs and symptoms that may be present, depending on the location of the tumor, include seizures, especially if there is no previous history of seizures, abnormal eye movements, slurred speech, difficulty walking.” , Imbalance, weakness or drooping on one side of the face, changes in personality or demeanor, changes in memory or amnesia.

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