Wednesday, June 7, 2023

World Health Organization declares official end of pandemic

As Much As We Don’t Want To Look Back, Living With A “Global Health Emergency” World Health Organization And the experiences that have happened to us in these last three years assume a very high emotional cost that will not disappear so easily from our memory. The devastating nightmare of Covid-19 officially ends when this body rolls out the radical measure, but the fight across the planet leaves vital questions in need of answers, unanswered unknowns, unrevealed mysteries and ghosts haunting the world. You get locked in.

After considering how the virus has become a mere formality, of which little survives, as it is a reality that society has turned its back on because of the measures adopted and the effectiveness of the vaccines, the WHO’s decision on the same Time reveals that which hides, a symbolism that many consider essential. An imminent danger that has endangered the life or health of a large number of victims over a long period of time disappears, and not only that, the idea of ​​a global pandemic that has caused millions of deaths from contagion around the world In. A nightmare that changed history and the collective psyche, overshadowing all aspects of our lives considered untouchable, such as freedom, the economy or social relations, unwittingly presented itself as one of the most difficult tests of fortitude and integrity is what we would have ever imagined. The devastating effects we have experienced since 2020 have changed the world we know and forever affected the notion we had about our own existence.

The devastating history of Covid does not leave a single lesson but a collection of lessons to be remembered and learned for the future. Highest and best life lessons for new generations. Unfortunately, despite the fact that the door is already open and we have made great strides; There remains a lack of objective substance to give meaning to this whole bitter process with full seriousness and solvency so as to necessarily give a comprehensive and clear response to the various aspects that have been silenced, as it is no secret that many tragic mistakes have been made with some. The combined successes that happen in between have left a lot of doubts on the table.

The aforementioned “global health emergency” has disappeared from our lives, it is true, but something deep in the air is floating around. We said earlier; Highly disconcerting unknowns and apparent omissions, deadlocks and mysteries never came to light, the phantom origins of a virus so sealed in itself that we will never know exactly how and why it originated. Or how it can spread with such speed and uncontrolled virulence. The responsibility or, rather, the irresponsibility of world leaders, for not rigorously checking and controlling the country that caused the first outbreak, China. There is also a lack of information about the actual number of deaths worldwide. Or, how is it possible that a plurality of advanced countries, including Spain, made the grave mistake of underestimating the high risk of early contagion? That fact caused each country to adopt a series of immediate domestic measures, most of them ill-advised, that prevented global and general management of the pandemic.

With this panorama and the idea of ​​not committing suicide, paranoia became apparent in all countries regarding the collection of medical utensils considered essential. Fear and need showed us a very well defined pattern in which a simple mask or glove became the new currency of a vast black market where these types of sanitary wares were worth more than gold.

The whole economy froze, while great money hastily saved everything, the extraordinary chaos that the world had become, something huge, incomprehensible, all-powerful, threatening to tear down the walls of a unique, real and certain coexistence Granted, an actual prison in itself, whose imprisonment was now his greatest punishment. Obviously, any measure adopted in that new theatre, no matter how extraordinary, was accepted and welcomed, regardless of the extent to which the logical and natural limits of many democracies were being forced. and fundamental rights and public liberties were being violated.

No one knew how to deal with such an epidemic, it is true. But that is when the worst can happen, as happened in our country, where infringing on our rights has become a challenge to the citizenry, the prerogative of the government backed by the media machine. In Spain, that open door promoted a way of governing that did not seek balance or avoid the abuse of authority, on the contrary, we had become accustomed to being guided by the commandments like sheep, to see depending on how it ended from the fact As necessary, logical and healthy parliamentary activity, the rope which threatened to break was strained by interfering illegally, day in and day out, in all aspects of our lives, for we must remember that This government did it in violation of the constitution, according to which it was found later.

I have said this on more than one occasion and I will never tire of repeating it, as one of my dear professors, now dead, used to say; Don Antonio Mojo “A nation that forgets its history is doomed to repeat it”. The problem with Spaniards is that we have a selective memory, very short on most occasions and often easily distracted. They may have flagged this tragic pandemic and I won’t deny that I am happy about it, but the bitterness of the millions of people who have died or been affected in some way, the collapse of the world economy that ended While showing clear signs of improvement, the profound social changes that have affected the coexistence of self and the relationships between people and families are a heavy burden that I cannot completely rid myself of, no matter how hard I try. I will

It is no secret that fear, anxiety, psychological problems or loneliness are with us every day more than ever, although we are told that there is no longer an emergency. That set of difficult experiences will never be erased from our memory. But today is a day to celebrate that, as the World Health Organization says, three years later and several million deaths, the nightmare is over.

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