World leaders meeting at a crucial moment

If having a monarchy is a sign of backwardness, why do countries with that tradition come in the list of the world’s most prosperous countries?

Andorra, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Qatar, Luxembourg, Denmark, Malaysia, Morocco, Monaco, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden, Cambodia?

Because a permanent head of state with worldwide recognition, which does not affect the democratic life of most nations, which, in contrast, as happened in Spain after the conspiracies of post-Francoism, acted as a guarantor of institutionalization. This is an advantage over countries that are moving from one figure to another.

Emperors, who have not been unique or absolute since the bourgeois revolution, act as wise men who, in the face of any crisis, represent the stability and continuity of the state.

Albert Camus states that “divine exaltation, until 1789, served to justify royal arbitrariness. After the French Revolution, the transcendence of formal principles, logic or justice, served to justify a supremacy that neither It is neither just nor fair.

With the death of Elizabeth II, the monarchical institution lost its most royal figure, whose fundamental virtue was to demonstrate that influence could suppress the power exerted with factual devices.

It was not his turn to assume the great imperial crown, because at the time of his assumption the great English Empire, the most powerful that humanity had known for more than a century, an invincible army, was in indefinite turmoil.

India had already become independent, and in 1952 it was her turn to see the departure of the Federation of Malays; Nigeria in 1960; Sierra Leone and Tanganyika (Tanzania) 1961; Trinidad and Tobago in 1962; Kenya and Sambia, 1963; Malta 1964; The Gambia, 1965… and there Maria follows the independence of Lesotho, Barbados, Mauritius, Seychelles and Hong Kong.

His response was the same one he had been working on before receiving the crown, the British Commonwealth, strengthening the Commonwealth, knowing that speaking the same language, belonging to the same tradition, reading the same literature, of the same photographs. Appreciating and enjoying the same musical rhythm as well as the integration of economic interests would eliminate all imperial pressures and maintain unity around the English crown.

With prudence and great skill, she was instrumental in building the economic and social order that ruled the world after World War II, she succeeded in the Cold War, best balancing Margaret Thatcher, with whom she had differences. retained. Brexit could not have been contained without affecting the nation, of which it said nothing, only through symbols that betrayed that it did not sympathize with the divorce with Europe.

It was a strenuous effort to protect the family tradition, as the main pillar of the monarchy, which he knew, that if it became like any other family and ended, they would no longer be objects of worship. go.

The fact that the start of the First World War was not only the death of the heir to the Habsburg throne, Franz Ferdinand, but also the fact that none of the pious chiefs of the time attended his wake, because of his marriage to a royal lady. which prevented conversation about the act of terrorism to which it was subject, which would have made it possible to evaluate it as an isolated incident.

The funeral honors of the Queen of England serve as an occasion for a meeting of world leaders at an extremely important moment.


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