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World Map of a Uniportal Surgeon

“I was always many travelers, Always, always”, he replies quickly, without thinking. Before being a surgeon, I dare to say that Diego González Rivas became a citizen of the world. It has visited more than 140 countries (193+ in the world are Vatican City and the State of Palestine) and has operated in 126.

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,I have learned to travel is to be a better person. You realize that the world is not your city but something bigger,

He had to change his before the pandemic Passport Every six or eight months. in North Korea was on the verge of not being able to enter the country because customs I didn’t find any blank space on any page. “I learned to travel is to be a better person. You discover that the world is not your city, your autonomous community, or your country, but that the world is a much bigger thing.

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Surgeons surrounded by women in traditional costume in North Korea. Presented by Diego Gonzalez Rivas

He started traveling from a very young age. then it was done surfer And this inspired him to look for the best waves in different countries. in october 2002 i was in Bali When a car bomb exploded in the tourist center of the island. He was on his way towards that place… He survived for a few minutes. He was also the doctor of the Spanish surf team for a few years.

When surgery and travel merge

In his beginnings as a surgeon, work was one thing and travel another, until he decided he wanted to teach his uniportal VATS (Single Incision Minimally Invasive Video Surgery) in hospitals around the world. At that point, which takes place between the years 2010 and 2012, his two passions, traveling and operating, merge into one. Since then his life has been full anecdotes In which the professional and the personal are intertwined.

,We lost our power three times during an operation in Mali,

“in the owner three times the power went out during an operation. And without light, Diego González Rivas’ surgery is impossible. Electricity is required to operate a camera (laparoscope) inserted into the patient through which their organs are viewed on a video screen. “Imagine there’s a very complicated case going on near the pulmonary artery and you’re handling an instrument from outside, the operating room is completely closed. You’re in the dark for 3 or 4 minutes, it’s extremely dangerous . It creates total tension.”

something similar happened GazaHowever, here Prakash failed him only once. “Know that every X times—and we don’t know how often—the power goes out,” he told her. “It’s just that they’re real things,” he says.

Maintained by one hundred Pakistani soldiers

,An escort with a machine gun was with me for 24 hours,

While working in Pakistan. there was a armed soldiers in the operating room. “An escort with a machine gun was with me for 24 hours. He was in my hotel and inside the operating room when we were operating. He was in a corner, inside the escort operation room, as there was also a threat of attack.

Diego Gonzalez in Pakistan with another doctor and a soldier. Presented by Diego Gonzalez Rivas

Although most of their trips are “electric,” they take the opportunity to travel to places that interest them. In Pakistan I wanted to go to Khyber Pass. He got it because the surgeon’s father, who was an army general, had invited him to go to Islamabad for the operation. “To get there, they deployed one hundred soldiers and three convoys. And I reached there and a commander welcomed me; He made me a welcome act. ,

In countries where there is a lot of tension, says Diego González Rivas, you have to be careful, but that doesn’t stop you from visiting them. “I love Aventura And I like to live the reality of each country. But you have to be careful, you can’t be suicidal,

Lack of resources, especially in Africa

“When we talk about working with high technology, with video surgery in hospitals that have nothing, who have never seen it, it’s really complicated to organize everything so that when you get there Never fail. Has it ever happened to us that we arrived in a country where we got everything: staplers, cameras… and at the last minute a nut is missing To fit the light entering the camera. And for that small detail we have to cancel the operation and open it”.

Surgeons walk through a market in Nouakchot, Mauritania, after an operation. on the front page

If you ask this surgeon about it difficult case Which has had to be operated and the countries in which it has been done, the list seems endless. “Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, Ivory Coast, Djibouti, Senegal…” He tells us that what happens in these countries is a lack of resources, a lack of resources combined with a series of complex tumors that other allies do not. Have the courage to operate. And suddenly he remembers Burundi.

,We had an operation that was almost impossible. I don’t even know how we did it,

“We did an operation which was almost impossible. I don’t even know how we did it. was first time Minimally invasive thoracic surgery performed in the country. It was all hard after difficulty. There were no drainage systems, we had to build them from bottles of hydro-alcoholic gel. It was quite an adventure.” And as history repeats itself, a similar situation happened in April this year. Gabon,

thanksgiving gift

the attic of their house has become museum with gifts Grateful patients. A doll representing him, a cigar box or a musical instrument made of a rug with his face. “Generally the gifts I appreciate the most are manual things someone does for you, much more than being given a box of wine.”

Diego is surrounded by relatives of a patient in a hospital in La Paz (Bolivia). Presented by Diego Gonzalez Rivas

,sometimes i had want to vomit,

He has hundreds of tales to tell. In China, for example, assures that it is normal to go to dinner after an operation with his colleagues and that they usually toast with very strong alcohol. “You have to toast and drink everything at once. And maybe ten people in a row will come up to you, each one with their own drink, and you can’t say no because it’s disrespectful. Sometimes I had want to vomit”,

Sometimes, after the operation, relatives want to thank you for your work. “In Bolivia I remember when we finished the surgery, the whole family was waiting for me at the hotel carrying bags and bags full of food, pieces of alpaca… I’m talking about seven big bags. I was saying What do I do with this?,

For years he has been traveling by airplane cabin with a small suitcase, so “everything stayed there in the hotel”. In Mongolia She remembers when, at the end of the surgery, the patient’s relatives arrived with a bowl of very strong Pecorino cheese balls. “It smelled of poof! I just stood there I didn’t know what to do and started eating it. It tasted terrible but I endured…”

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