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“As we continue to look at the details surrounding this storm, and the track of the Colorado Low becomes more certain, it is increasingly looking like this will be a major, and potentially record-setting, spring snowstorm that will offset its effects.” The Thanksgiving 2019 event that resulted in widespread power outages and staggering snowfall.”

CMOS-accredited weathercaster Chris Sumner as a Monday morning system that has the attention of meteorologists and forecasters across Canada and the northern United States is expected to affect much of southern Manitoba beginning Tuesday evening through Wednesday morning. is on track for.

Environment Canada has issued a winter storm watch for the southern part of the province ahead of the arrival of the Colorado Low, which is expected to bring several days of impressive weather to the region.

“To be clear, there is no “if” remaining as to whether we will be hit,” he said. “We are now in the time frame of fine-tuning storm totals as the lower track freezes. This path will play a key role in determining which areas see the most snow and the strongest wind shear.”

Widespread snowfall of 30–50 cm is predicted, with a potential as much as 80 cm in the highlands of western Manitoba and the western Red River Valley. The storm will be accompanied by northerly winds gusting up to 70-90 km/h, reducing visibility to zero in occasional snow and blizzard conditions.

“This system is pulling moisture-rich air northward from the Gulf of Mexico, and so we are expecting such significant snow accumulation,” Sumner explained. “That moisture-rich air will feed the ice machine that Colorado will have less, and may eventually lead to storm totals that we haven’t seen in years.”

Heavy snowfall will occur over most of the region by Wednesday morning, with snow and wind conditions expected to continue through Good Friday morning. Conditions should begin to improve on Friday as the winds ease, and the heaviest snow moves to northern Ontario.

“Travel conditions will worsen throughout Wednesday, and become very difficult until the evening hours,” Sumner said. “Those conditions will get worse as the snowstorm piles up, and strong winds blow. It’s not often we say, ‘travel may be impossible,’ but in some places, due to low visibility, drifting and heavy snow, Getting out of town can not only be impossible, it can even be challenging to drive in your community.”

Considering the effects of the Thanksgiving 2019 hurricane, Sumner stresses the importance of preparing now for what comes, an important thing to do now.

“Take Monday and Tuesday to stock up on groceries, gas for your vehicles, and generators, if you have one, pick up those prescriptions and then go through two to three days starting Wednesday,” he said. Be ready.” “Once the snow and wind starts, we’ll be in it for 48 hours or more. Take some time this morning to think about what might not happen for that period of time, which means you’re going to be in this. Will be in better condition for the weather. Thunderstorm.”


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