Worthy successor: at 28 years old, it’s Camila, model niece of Raquel Mancini

Worthy successor: at 28 years old, it's Camila, model niece of Raquel Mancini

Raquel Mancini He is one of the most famous figures in our country, because during the 80s and 90s he was very exposed to modeling, showbiz and, of course, he was part of the theater. Then his career was interrupted by complications he suffered after cosmetic surgeries and other health problems.

Worthy Successor: At 28 Years Old, It'S Camila, Model Niece Of Raquel Mancini

The “Grande Brigada” actress does not have children, but she has developed a good relationship with her nieces and nephews: “I have four nephews, because I can’t have children after everything that happened after liposuction. “It was a very hard blow for me,” Raquel Mancini He added: “My nieces and nephews are the children I never had. Agostina and Valenchu ​​​​are my life, they make me smile and fill me with love.

Worthy Successor: At 28 Years Old, It'S Camila, Model Niece Of Raquel Mancini
Camila is dedicated to modeling

then, Raquel Mancini He pointed to Camila who is 28 years old, a lawyer and also a model. “And Franco, who is my prince, is a genius. “They are my life,” he said. Camila is a recognized figure in the modeling world and remains a stunning beauty. Although she doesn’t have many followers on Instagram, she is very natural and shares photos of her lifestyle and travels.

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Worthy Successor: At 28 Years Old, It'S Camila, Model Niece Of Raquel Mancini
The young woman also graduated as a lawyer with a high average

She is delicate and has a good sense of fashion, also for decoration and good food. The nephew of Raquel Mancini He traveled all over the world, he was in Italy and in many countries of the Old Continent, where of course he took the opportunity to make beautiful photo sessions.

Raquel’s return to TV

The host of “Encuentro con Raquel”, a program broadcast on Radio Palermo in 2016, returns to television after many years. On this occasion, Raquel Mancini She visited Ángel de Brito in “LAM” and it was not for an isolated and rare occasion, but the famous woman introduced herself as the new panelist of the series.

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The presence of Raquel Mancini It was given as a replacement for Nazarena Vélez, who during the summer will make a season at the theater of Villa Carlos Paz. In a dialogue with Ángel de Brito, the former model tells about her departure from the small screen and says: “I’m tired.”

Worthy Successor: At 28 Years Old, It'S Camila, Model Niece Of Raquel Mancini
Now she’s an “Angelita”

The famous person is very clear: “Because at one time the programs called me rating and I’m not interested in them knowing about my life, they’re using me. I feel used, I feel made bullying “I’ve been through a lot.”

In that sense, Rachel revealed that he was judged by his physical appearance because he was brackets because he put collagen on his lips and even when he suffered an episode of sexual violence, he also received criticism from the media at the time.

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To support his theory, Raquel Mancini He said: “If you see photos of me, my face is still the same. Don’t change anything, I’m just old. “I’ve never seen them get in trouble with someone.” Because of this he retired from the media and depended on his loved ones.

“I cried, I cried a lot. My family, whom I love, had a bad time so I decided to go away, dedicate myself to other endeavors and be good and calm. For them to relax, because they make me do it all the time bullying”, closed on América TV.