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WoW: The 5 most interesting titles that you can still get now

There are many fun titles in World of Warcraft. Here are some of the coolest ones and how you can get them.

In World of Warcraft there are many ways to customize your character to your liking. Most of it happens via the talent selection, the selected transmog set or your own mount. But you can also use titles to further individualize your character. However, all titles in WoW have to be earned first – and some of them are no longer available.

We’ll show you five interesting titles that you might not have even thought of – and explain how you can get them.

1. The madman

(The Insane)

Not all titles in World of Warcraft have to sound like glamor and glory, but can also simply show your passion for the game. And passion (and lots of perseverance) is also key if you want to call yourself “Melinda the Mad”.

For this title you have to play up a lot of reputation factions, which otherwise have very little playful use and earn you the achievement “On the Edge of Madness”. This includes:

  • Booty Bay (Exalted)
  • Everlook (exalted)
  • Gadgetzan (exalted)
  • Ratchet (reverent)
  • Darkmoon Faire (Exalted)
  • Ravenhold (exalted)
  • Bloodsail Buccaneers (Honored)
Wow: The 5 Most Interesting Titles That You Can Still Get Now

The first 4 factions listed are the neutral goblin cities scattered throughout Azeroth. You can get reputation with them by doing quests for them. For the last reputation points – and that can be a lot – you have to go to Tanaris and slay the pirates east of the Caverns of Time. This can take a few days, but you can drastically reduce the time if you find a group for this task. So you can cover a larger area and force a constant respawn of enemies.

There is only one way for the Bloodsail Buccaneers. You must travel to Stranglethorn Vale and set the faction “Booty Bay” to “hostile” in the reputation window. And then you slaughter your way all over Booty Bay. Again and again. But beware! You drastically lose reputation with the goblins. So you should either bring all goblin factions to exalted first or the bloodsail buccaneers to benevolent first.

The Darkmoon Faire is now the easiest reputation faction. Just visit him when he’s active again – always from the 1st Sunday of the month until the next Saturday and complete the daily quests with the mini-games there. Then you should be in awe pretty quickly.

For Rabenhold you absolutely need a villain. Because with this faction you can only become awesome if you turn in “Heavy Junkbox” in Ravenhold Keep in the Hillsbrad Foothills to the NPC Winstone Wolf. This junk box can be pickedpocketed from various enemies. This works particularly well on the island of Quel’danas, in the east with the murlocs. Loot the Murlocs, then kill them and wait for their respawn.

Putting it all together is quite a time-consuming effort, but it is rewarded with a nice title.

2. Servant of Chaos

(Minion of Mayhem)

The English version of the title sounds rather cute, but the German version looks really good. After all, who doesn’t want to be “Velandariel, Servant of Chaos”? This is a pretty cool title especially for warlocks, but everyone else should be able to make friends with it too.

The catch: you have to play pet battles and lots of them. You must successfully complete all of the Pet Battle dungeons in order to receive the invite to the final Pet Battle dungeon in Blackrock Depths. The combat here is extremely challenging, requiring lots and lots of planning and a large collection of pets.

However, if you successfully complete the dungeon, you can talk to the NPC “Tasha Riley” after the final fight and explain that you want to join the “Council of Chaos”. After that, you will immediately receive the title “Servant of Chaos”!

Since Shadowlands, there’s also a second way to get this title – although it’s not entirely clear if that’s intentional. You can earn the Carpal pet in Maldraxxus. You have to assemble this from 3 individual parts:

  • Animated Elle can sometimes be earned from pet world quests in Maldraxxus.
  • Animated Spoke is available from the Quartermaster of the Undying Army.
  • Bending Fingers can be looted at coordinates 47 / 62 in Madraxxus.

Once you’ve assembled Carpal and added it to your collection, you should simply be credited with the title over the next hour.

As already mentioned, it is not known whether the second option with Karpal is intentional or a bug. So the sure way is via the pet battles.

3. Dear


There are some titles that can be earned very quickly. And then there are titles that require months of work. One of these titles is “Dear One.” In order to be able to call yourself “Honoured Serathion” in the future, you must bring a total of 100 reputation factions to exalted reputation.

It doesn’t matter which reputation faction you choose – it can be PvP factions from the vanilla era, side factions from The Burning Crusade or even the latest factions from Shadowlands. All reputation factions that you bring to exalted count towards this achievement.

After all, the task is gradually becoming easier and easier. Because the older World of Warcraft gets, the more factions are added to the game. So if you haven’t reached 100 factions just yet, then just wait – because the next addon will surely bring even more reputation factions. And as long as they are “current content”, you farm them to awesome anyway.

Wow Honored Title
There’s a mount as a bonus.

4. Crazy Cat Lady / Crazy Cat Guy

(The Crazy Cat Lady / The Crazy Cat Guy)

Since we all know that cats are way better than dogs (no discussion allowed), that can be expressed in World of Warcraft as well. If you want to be known as “Anastasia, the crazy cat lady” or “Dwarusch, the crazy cat guy”, you have to express your love for the furry four-legged friends.

In other words, you must own at least 20 of the 26 different cat pets that are part of the Cat Madness achievement.

Wow Crazy Cat Lady Achievement
You have to collect 20 of the cats listed here.

Most of these are easy to get from various vendors around the world, others are rare drops from certain bosses or can be tamed in pet battles.

But you will probably have the most success with a look at the auction house. A large part of the cats can also be sold to other players, so you can complete a significant part of the success for a few gold coins.

5. Butchers of stupid, incompetent, and disappointing minions

(Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent and Disappointing Minions)

There are many titles that are glorious. And then there are titles that you’re not quite sure if they’re really a real award – but they’re so funny that you just have to have them.

For you are not just any paladin, you are “tellos, butchers of stupid, incompetent and disappointing minions”.

To get the title, you need to visit the Blackwing Descent raid and go to the boss Maloriak. You can find the raid on the top of Blackrock – that’s the large, volcanic mountain between the Burning Steppes and the Searing Gorge in the Eastern Kingdoms.

The boss Maloriak itself shouldn’t be a problem for any trooper at level 50 or higher – he’ll probably fall over after using a single ability.

Maloriak was a scientist who conducted experiments on behalf of Nefarian – but they never led to a satisfactory result.

If you kill Maloriak, Nefarian thanks you with a sarcastic comment and gives you a negative effect called “Master’s Adventure Commendation” for 30 minutes.

As long as you have this negative effect, you will henceforth bear the title “[Charakter]butchers of stupid, incompetent and disappointing minions”.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to permanently wear this title—but a regular visit to Blackwing Descent is worthwhile for that absurdly long title alone.

With which title do you fight your way through the World of Warcraft? Is your favorite title included or what do you boast about?

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