Wow: the engineer goes out with his friends and ends up dead in a nightclub

Wow: the engineer goes out with his friends and ends up dead in a nightclub

He left home to collect large amounts of money for professional services, then met some friends to have fun and after hours was found dead inside a well-known nightclub in Jauja.

Around 7 in the morning this Saturday, the minister of Ozone nightclub in the prison 6 Jr. Located in Tarapacá, he arrived at the Jauja police station reporting that one of the companions in the venue who had been left alone and sleeping did not have vital signs.

The event summoned the police from Jauja Police Station and Jauja in the office of the prosecutor Zaida Honoris, who, with the favor of Huancayo Criminalistics expert, entered the second level of the institution, where they found the body of Edison Vivanco Pérez lifeless (31. ) an architect by profession, in the district of Julcán, Jauja, sitting in a room , where he had fallen asleep hours before the catastrophe.

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gather information

In the previous steps, the interior of the disk was thoroughly checked to collect samples of any substance that could have caused the death of the victim, by reviewing the images from the security camera to find out who he was until the last moment and the said friends accompanying him.

As part of the investigation, the Public Ministry arrested employees who worked at night in the nightclub, among them the minister Junior QA (29), DJ Juan CR (26), waiter Juan PS (20), among them. personal security officer Yense RM (22), José SC (24) and Leonardo CY minor (17), who will show his demonstration to declare the unfortunate event.

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pain box

Relatives of the young architect arrived at that place, who acted out scenes of pain, seeking justice. “My son was full of life, a hard-working young man and at the same time very funny. He left home to collect 7,000 plants for some architectural work. Apparently some friends with whom he was drinking at the disco, and then we don’t know what happened, “said the relatives.”

In the records, relatives and neighbors of the closed had a protest carrying signs with messages such as “closed the pit of destruction”, “this death will not go unpunished”, “they killed my son”, among others demanding the closure. of this place, where before there had been quarrels, violence, and a troublesome noise which disturbed the tranquility of the neighbours.

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